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Ohlone Men’s Soccer Just Won’t Quit!

Friday, October 10, 2008.

Fremont, CA – Why won’t a struggling team that has failed to win a game yet this year just lay down and quit? The short answer is pride and persistence. The Ohlone men’s soccer team by all accounts is playing the best soccer it has in the past 2 seasons yet cannot seem to get the results they deserve. Ohlone hosted Cañada College on Friday and came away with a 3 – nil loss.

So losing 3 – 0, how can this be considered a moral victory for the Renegades? It is because they are improving. Consider these facts; Last season in 2 meetings Ohlone was whipped by a combined score of 16 – 2, this season the combined score was 9 – 2; Last season Ohlone was embarrassed at home by the Colts 10 – 1, this season it was 3 – 0 with the third goal only coming once Ohlone decided to push everyone up trying to get the goal they needed to get back into the match. The Renegades men were never going to quit.

“From day one I told the men that I have never coached a team that quit and that would not start this year.” stated Coach Williams. “The world is full of quitters, the divorce rate is over 50% people drop out of school, quit jobs, turn to drugs and alcohol to escape life, essentially quitting, therefore we must all learn to deal with adversity and fight through it, never quit, never surrender.”

What an outstanding opportunity the Ohlone men have to practice what Coach Williams is preaching and on Friday that attitude shined through brightly amongst the storm clouds of another loss.

“It is said that sports builds character, but that is not true, sports does not build character, it reveals it” said Coach Williams. “This may be hard for some to understand but this exceptional group of young men have extraordinary heart and character and although we have not yet won, I have never coached a team that I am more proud to be a part of.”

Ohlone continues their adventure when they travel to Salinas on Tuesday to take on Hartnell who is currently ranked #6 in the Nation.

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