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Match Report: Ohlone Men’s Soccer hits the road

Friday, April 10, 2009.

This past Wednesday the Ohlone men’s soccer took on south bay rivals Mission College in the first non-traditional season event. The Renegades were under the reigns of new head Coach Jan Eric Nordmo.

New coach, new players and new tactics were all on the minds of several returning players including captains Weihan Jin and Daniel Galloway. The team started out a bit unsettled when the Mission exploited the right side with a pacey run and forced keeper Iman Aghel to claw down a shot on goal. Ohlone would be forced to contain these break aways and were able to stiffle most attempts by Mission without giving up actual shots on frame.

As the Ohlone midfield tightened their net across the middle, new comers Walter Acero and Jonathan “Cookie" Santillan found the ball at their possession and would quickly try to get forwards Daniel Ferrarese and Pierre Bruggeman out at the flanks. Bruggeman cleverly moved by the Mission backs to hit the first shot on frame in the opening moments.

The first half would be uneventful for both sides with Ohlone only looking dangerous in the latter minutes of the half. A half time adjustment by the Renegades threw Mission on its heels and kept the side off balance as Ohlone would reach the flanks more frequently and the faucet was opened for crosses and shots.

Andrew “AJ” Peixoto, forward capped several shots that would not necessarily find the back of the net, but would force Mission to drop into a defense stance the rest of the match.

The flow was on and Ohlone would shoot almost at will when services were produced by the crosses. One of the closest opportunities came in the last moments when Jorge Gomez would tickle the right pipe after deflecting a sharply driven cross by Julian Lopez that had the sidelines grabbing their hair.

Despite a slow start, the Renegades put their stamp on the game (15 shots for, and only allowing 4) and sent notice that this team is going to be a different animal from last year. The Renegades next play Wednesday, April 29, 4 PM at DeAnza (time subject to change).

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