Team News, 2009 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Renegades Dynamic Duo Strike Again

  • Game Day: Tuesday, September 29, 2009
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Ohlone @ Gavilan
  • Gavilan 1, Ohlone 3

Ohlone comes to Gilroy and attacks at the start of today’s match. A wall of Renegade white immediately rushed down upon the Gavilan Rams, with the help of strong wind. It would only be a moment after kick off before freshman George Mayer II would exact his first attempt on goal from the right wing as Ohlone sunk deep into Gavilan territory and would stay for the better part of the first half.

Within the first two minutes Mayer was sizing up the frame and looking for his partner in finishing, sophomore Daniel Galloway. With four crosses in the first two minutes, Galloway (Irvington HS) was adjusting his timing and accounting for the winds helping Mayer’s assault.

Other Renegades caught on and took several opportunities to test keeper Christhian Maravilla (San Benito HS). Maravilla, however, would make several key saves denying Dustin Richards, midfielder (American HS), from capitalizing on two shots taken up route one at about (40) yards out. Ambition was flowing from Ohlone.

The Rams held tight, but a fortunate bounce off a Mayer (Amador Valley HS) left sided corner kick would find the long leg of Galloway waiting to sink his eighth goal of the season. This combo would again find the netting off another cross this time from the right corner, with a deadly accurate ball to Galloway’s head and a photo copy of at least five other goals between the two this year.

Rams were not to roll over however, and Iman Aghel, goalkeeper, would be called into action moments later when Ohlone were split up the middle and Aghel was forced to come out strong and capture the threat from the feet of Victor Iracheta, midfielder (Sobrato).

As the first half closed, Sean Randall, back, launches a quick throw finding Galloway at the left corner of the box, flicking on to Mayer, the forward simply clips it over the on coming keeper to the far right net as if it had been scripted. Mayer and Galloway were clicking like a fine Swiss time piece.

The second half, Ohlone were fighting a worthy opponent and the wind that helped the Renegades in the first half was now their foe and would stifle the attack.

Despite the forces against them, Ohlone held strong and forced play away from their goal. Ohlone’s solid defense, turned away the Rams, but, midway through the half, they were awarded a corner kick that Aghel (Allaheh HS) would initially slap down, but he also took a slap to the face by the Gavilan forward, while Aghel was down, Gavilan were able to line up in the box and pound the second ball into the net by Iracheta.

The Renegades would recover and continue to hold and push. Aghel would be called into action once more before time end when Gavilan were awarded a free kick from the right corner of the penalty box, but Aghel would find the handle on well struck shot by Carlos Cortez (Gilroy HS).

Outstanding Performers:

  • Ohlone – George Mayer II, Forward
  • Ohlone – Daniel Galloway, Forward
  • Ohlone – Cody Nathan, Back
  • Gavilan – Orozco Rigo, Forward
  • Gavilan – Victor Iracheta, Midfielder
Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Ohlone 14 Daniel Galloway George Mayer II
Ohlone 41 Daniel Galloway George Mayer II
Ohlone 43 George Mayer II Daniel Galloway
Fouls 4 4
Corners 2 1
Shots 2 5
Saves 7 13
Gavilan 1-6-1 0-1-0
Ohlone 6-2-0* 2-0-0

* Corrected from previous reported standings.

Next opponent for Ohlone:

  • Evergreen
  • Friday, October 2, 2009, 1:30pm at Ohlone

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