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Daniel Galloway is Tri-City Voice Sports Male Athlete of the Month for October 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice Sports.

Daniel in his Renegades uniform.Daniel Galloway, Tri-City Voice Sports Male Athlete of the Month for October 2009.

Ohlone men's soccer sophomore stud Daniel Galloway gets the nod for this month's Tri-City Voice Sports Male Athlete of the Month. In his second year out of Irvington, the goalie-turned-forward has come on strong, scoring eight goals, plus one assist since the position change. He wasn't too shabby in the nets either, tallying 39 saves in four games.

Here's what Ohlone men's Head Coach Jan Nordmo had to say about Galloway:

"Daniel has proven himself to be a very versatile player. We trained over the spring and summer with him and threw him in goal to cover for our keeper that was away. Galloway's natural instinct in goal was immediately apparent. With training from our goal keeper trainers, Butch McGrew and Nate Failing, we suddenly realized Galloway could actually do well in the position.

"As our last year's keeper Iman Aghel was away during our initial summer trainings, Galloway got the call and performed exceptionally in our first four matches. When Aghel was ready, Galloway stepped on the field and immediately made an impact in a position he was familiar with from last year. Being a keeper perhaps helped him realize what a forward needs to do to be successful.

"Front and back, Galloway has proven himself a coaches' choice. He is a captain for the team and his leadership ability is excellent. He is well liked, respected and admired by his teammates. Galloway is a model student athlete. The entire coaching staff is very proud of his performances so far this season and expect even more of him now as a player. It is a lot to live up to, but he is not afraid of success, and failure is not an option."

Ohlone already has twice as many wins - six - than they had all of last year - three - in just a month of play. Undoubtedly Galloway has helped. Galloway took some time to answer these questions TCV had to ask:

TCV: Why did you choose Ohlone coming out of Irvington?

DG: I chose Ohlone coming out of Irvington for two major reasons. First, and probably most obvious, is that it was a cheaper way to get my education because it is a community college and is very close to my house. However, this left me with choices between De Anza and Ohlone. I presented these choices to my coach at Irvington, David Cordova, who is also on the women's coaching staff at Ohlone. David laid out my choices for me, "De Anza is a program that is winning already, go there if you want to look for a winning season. Ohlone's program is building still, go to Ohlone if you want to work with a developing program." I chose to work with a program where I felt I would learn the most from the coaching staff, so I chose a developing program where everything from the basics onward was going to be taught.

TCV: Is soccer your best sport? If not, what is?

DG: Soccer is my best and only sport right now. When I was younger I also swam competitively and played baseball. Eventually, sports seasons began to overlap and I was forced to make choices. When baseball and swimming overlapped I chose baseball, establishing myself as a land athlete. Then, when I was 12 years old, I began playing competitive soccer which made the season year-round and I chose soccer over baseball.

TCV: What other sports do you like to play?

DG: Most common for me to play now, outside of soccer, is golf which I picked up over that 2009 summer because my oldest sister plays. I also play on a co-ed softball team with some friends from high school. Golf and softball are fun ways that I keep in touch with and catch up with friends.

TCV: Do you envision playing soccer beyond Ohlone?

DG: I envision playing beyond Ohlone. I'd like to transfer to a 4-year CSU or UC in Fall of 2010. I am still weighing my options as to where to go to school and play soccer. My process generally involves choosing a school based on academics, then presenting that choice to Coach Nordmo to hear about the soccer program they offer.

TCV: What are your strengths of the game?

DG: My strengths are my height, because I am able to get up over defenders to get my head on the ball to either flick on to teammates or to head the ball into the goal. But there is little pride in simply being tall. My strength that I am proud of is my ability to read the game and know where to make the runs. I have been coached well and I can implement that coaching in the games. Also helpful in reading the game is my teammate George Mayer II. George is consistent in his crosses and flicks which allows me to predict accurately where to make my runs.

TCV: If you aren't on the soccer field, what are you doing?

DG: If I'm not on the soccer field playing, I am usually on the soccer field refereeing. 2009-2010 is my sixth soccer season as a referee. I obtained a Grade 7 license in 2008 and I am looking to obtain a Grade 6 state referee license by 2011. I referee in amateur leagues PSL and SFSFL on Sundays and I referee youth games on Saturdays and occasionally throughout the week. Aside from refereeing my life is spending down time with my friends. I often go to a friend's house or friends come to my house and we hang around playing Mario Party on Wii or just hanging out and talking.

TCV: What's your major at Ohlone?

DG: My major at Ohlone is communications. When I began my first semester I was declared a business major. However, after I took a couple economics classes I decided that business wasn't really the right thing for me. My second semester at Ohlone I took a required public speaking class and decided that that was what I wanted to do. My academic goal is to achieve a Master's degree in communications and use it to teach community college students.

TCV: What's your favorite subject?

DG: With my major as communications, my favorite subject is speech. I am taking as many of the offered speech classes as I can before I leave Ohlone. I enjoy the subject because it can be used constantly every day of your life. Simply, it has real world applications. A class I am currently taking, interpersonal communications, is very helpful to me on the soccer field as a team captain. The class focuses on small nuances of conversations and how they affect people. I use these nuances to help encourage teammates to keep working despite anything that may go wrong. Most often on the soccer field, you'll here me say something like, "Hey, I know you can get that ball. I've seen you do it. Now prove to coach you can do it." This is a self-fulfilling prophecy at work. When you or others believe something will happen, it is more likely to happen.

TCV: Favorite food?

DG: My absolute favorite food is difficult to choose. There are many meals I love to eat. A thick crust, all meat pizza though is always something I can look forward to.

TCV: Favorite music?

DG: My music collection is incredibly diverse. Each day I listen to everything from country, to hip-hop, to heavy metal. When it comes to getting me pumped up though, the choice is unequivocally rock music.

TCV: Favorite movie?

DG: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The absurd comedy will never cease to amuse me.

TCV: Favorite soccer team? Player?

DG: This is where you will find that I differ from most of my teammates. I generally don't follow professional soccer. My interest in the game lies in my team and what our coach can teach us. I enjoy watching professional games when I happen to cross them on the TV, but I couldn't tell you honestly that I have a favorite team or a favorite player.

TCV: Heroes/Role models?

DG: My parents are my biggest role models for life because it is they who helped most to raise me as who I am today. When it comes to soccer, the people I look up to most are my coaches from the past two seasons. Don Williams and Jan Nordmo have been a tremendous help to my development as a player and I would like to someday pass on what they have taught me.

TCV: After your playing career is over, what are your plans in life?

DG: After my playing career I want to earn my master's degree in communication and teach community college speech classes. When I eventually marry I want to start a family either here in Fremont or somewhere close so that I can stay close to the family that I have here already.

TCV: And last, but not least, how many juggles can you do with a soccer ball?

DG: I used to be heavily ashamed to answer this question. Before last season, the most juggles I had ever completed was 27. However, juggling became something to do to pass time before practice starts and now my best has risen to 98. I continue to work to break 100 and go beyond.

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