Team News, 2009 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Ohlone opens flood gates against Mission College

  • Game Day: Friday, October 16, 2009
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Ohlone @ Mission
  • Ohlone 9, Mission 1

Ohlone welcomed Mission College to their home field for the second time this season by going after them early.

George Mayer, who ended the game with four goals and an assist, created the first of several chances in the opening minutes by going doing the right flank, and cutting in for two shots with in the first five minutes. He then had another opportunity about 10 minutes later by collecting a bouncing ball at the top of the 18 yard box, but while catching the goalkeeper far off his line in “no man’s land”, the ball sailed just over the crossbar. Mayer would redeem himself in the 18th minute by netting a goal off a cross by Joel Higgins, who ended the day with 1 goal and 3 assists.

And so began the opening of the flood gates.

9 minutes later, Dan Galloway headed in the first of 2 goals by him, finishing off a cross by Higgins. 8 minutes after that, Galloway scored off a fabulous throw in by Sean Randall.

This would not be it before half, though, because after a hand ball in the box by Mission’s center back in the box, Mayer stepped up and buried the penalty kick.

With the score four to nothing at half time, Ohlone was not done. They had a point to prove to the conference that they are serious force in Northern California.

They started off the second half in style with a goal with in the first minute by Dustin Richards from about 30 yards out, and the goalkeeper had no chance. Then 8 minutes later, Higgins was tired of giving everyone else goals, he recovered a loose ball in the box and finished a goal making it 6-0.

6 minutes later Mayer lined up a free kick from about 35 yards out and close to the side line, noticing the goalkeeper out of position, hooked a “Beckham-type” shot around the wall to the near post. Mayer closed out his scoring opportunities when he hooked a corner kick in near post less than 15 minutes later.

Though Mission was down by so many, they never gave up, and gave Iman Aghel several chances to prove himself, and that he did. After Iman made a huge save, the ball got cleared to the top of the 18 yard box, and as it was being shot towards the Ohlone goal, it some how deflected off Cody Nathan’s arm while still in the box. This gave Mission a chance to get on the score sheet with a penalty kick. Hoang Huy stepped up placed a great shot to the corner off the penalty kick.

This goal did not slow Ohlone down, though, because 7 minutes later, Jonathan Santillam took the ball down the right side, beating two mission players he crossed the ball in, and three ohlone players were there to finish the ball, though Fancis Phirl from Zambia, was there first to place the ball in the back of the net.

That wrapped up the scoring for Ohlone and gave them plenty of motivation going into their next match.

Outstanding Performers:

  • Ohlone - George Mayer
  • Ohlone - Dan Galloway
  • Ohlone - Dustin Richards
  • Ohlone - Joel Higgins
Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Ohlone 18 Mayer Higgins
Ohlone 27 Galloway Higgins
Ohlone 39 Galloway Randall
Ohlone 45 Mayer (penalty kick) -
Ohlone 46 Richards Higgins
Ohlone 54 Higgins Mayer
Ohlone 60 Mayer (free kick - unassisted) -
Ohlone 74 Mayer (corner kick - unassisted) -
Mission 81 Huy (penalty kick) -
Ohlone 88 Phirl Santillam
Fouls 14 7
Shots 20 5
Saves 4 10

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