Team News, 2009 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Cold Wind Leaves Ohlone Bitter

  • Game Day: Tuesday, October 27, 2009
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Hartness @ Ohlone
  • Ohlone 1, Hartnell 5

Ohlone weathered storms like this before, but a first half Hartnell fire flamed by incredible winds was too much for the Renegades today. Ohlone were pinned from the start but appeared to be weathering the strong wind storm and the Panthers riding it.

Ohlone knew Juan Alvarez was the man to watch and he was, however, Eduardo Veduzco would do most of the damage to Ohlone, hitting three on frame and one of which got help from the frame.

Mid way through half one, Ohlone gave into Hartnell on a long distance shot from outside the Ohlone’s right edge penalty box. It was not a particularly strong shot and looked to be cleaned up easily by Keeper Iman Aghel. But a windy day does not make any save routine and Aghel misjudged the ball as it scampered between his legs and into the goal.

The Renegades were shaken but still appeared to manage the Panthers and the wind. An opportunity was also given to the Renegades as both George Mayer and Daniel Galloway each got a piece of Sean Randall’s left sided throw-in, but the ball would slip wide left of the post putting a scare into Hartnell.

Ohlone would slide fully under the spell of Hartnell when shortly before half and in a span of less than ten minutes from near end of half one into half two, Ohlone gave up a cluster of three goals, surely due to confusion and miss-focus on the field.

Despite the wind Ohlone did manage to control moments of the game and move forward. But Mayer was not able to get the ball and every effort forward was met by resistance of wind and Panther.

The final score was not really a measure of the two team’s ability. Ohlone would walk away with a bonus goal thanks to the assistance from an own goal header from the Ohlone throw in. Panthers go home with a wind blown look and three solid points in conference play.

Outstanding Performers:

  • Ohlone - Dustin Richards M
  • Ohlone - Saman Haidari B
  • Hartnell - Juan Alvarez F
  • Hartnell - Eduardo Veduzco F
Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Hartnell 21 Eduardo Veduzco  
Hartnell 39 Eduardo Veduzco Fredy Cordova
Hartnell 41 Jesus Espinoza Juan Alvarez
Hartnell 49 Eduardo Veduzco Juan Alvarez
Ohlone 60 Own goal by Hartnell  
Hartnell 62 Eduardo Veduzco Juan Ochoa
Fouls 7 7
Yellows 1 1
Corners 3 8
Shots 3 12
Saves 3 1
Ohlone 10-5-0 6-3-0
Hartnell 9-5-2 6-3-0

Next opponent for Ohlone:

  • Canada
  • Friday, October 30, 3:00pm at Canada

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