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Ohlone soccer recap: Men's Soccer

By Gary van den Heuvel.

Wednesday, November 3, 2009—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice Sports.

Ohlone Community College had their second four-game winning streak of the season dashed in a home loss to a dominating squad from Hartnell College, who beat the Renegades 5-1 on a windy Tuesday (October 27) afternoon.

Hartnell was led by star forward Eduardo Verduzco, who scored the game’s first goal in the 21st minute. It was the first of four goals scored by Verduzco. The other Hartnell point was scored by Jesus Espinoza, four minutes before halftime to put the visitors up by a 3-0 score.

Ohlone’s only goal was a forgettable one, coming on an own goal by a Hartnell defender, who inadvertently headed a free kick by George Mayer II into his own net.

The Renegades went on the road for a pivotal Coast Conference match against Cañada College, who entered the game with a 6-3-1 conference record; Ohlone’s record was 6-3.

The usually potent Ohlone offense was again stymied, losing 1-0. The only goal of the game came on what Ohlone coach Jan Nordmo called “a twisted fate of luck” in the 16th minute.

Cañada’s Benjamin Hyams took a corner kick and launched a shot toward the lower left post, where goalkeeper Iman Aghel would likely have made the save – were it not for a last-second redirection from the top of the penalty box from Kevin Rodriguez, who sent the ball to the upper right corner for the point.

The Renegades played an aggressive second half but couldn’t break through for the equalizer. The loss dropped them to 6-4 in the conference, 10-6 overall.

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