Team News, 2010 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Ohlone Slides Backward Big

  • Game Day: Friday, September 3, 2010
  • Marin of Coast South Division, Non-Conference Match
  • Ohlone @ Marin
  • Marin 8, Ohlone 1

The ghost of seasons past reared its ugly head as the Renegades take a big step backwards. The opening moments looked promising for the big Ohlone squad as they visited Marin Friday afternoon.

The first salvos from Ohlone pinned the Marin Mariners into their half of the field. Ohlone moved the ball apparently effortless through Marin. George Mayer II was first to force the save from keeper Nelson Cruz at the near side when Mayer blasted the ball in from the corner of the right side.

Ohlone were threatened at the 5 minute mark when a careless foul found the spot near the center atop the penalty box. A sharp ball into the wall was easily cleared out and a counter attack up the middle by Nicholas Sanchez -Torres and Jarod Fluke put Ohlone on the rampage. Fluke was set up for the perfect shot off a Shanchez-Torres push but the ball would not settle and Fluke was to go wide.

The Renegades now with over five good opportunities would see little more except to hit the post three times after this.

Near ten minutes in, disaster would strike when a quick kick counter from Marin keeper Cruz found Roberto Hernandez running between a miscommunication in the Ohlone back line and an unprepared Ohlone keeper Elmer Ceja was caught between the pipes. Ceja already suffering injury and would soon face torment and torture when Hernandez got by the out reach of Ceja and turned what was a surprising near miss into a solid goal.

The Mariners were off to the races, but Ohlone was not undone yet. Almost immediately after the Renegades pinged the post from a near point blank shot by David Kuhanek that hit the post and bounced across the face of the goal. Shortly thereafter, team effort disengaged and individual effort was replaced as the Ohlone squad all took it upon themselves individually to equalize, unfortunately the recipe for disaster was cast and another similar counter attack by the Mariners had the Renegades spinning.

A recovery effort was not to be as the map to glory would not exist this game. The Ohlone side looked dazed and confused coming off a solid game win against a similar squad to the one they dismantled earlier in the week.

Half time turned the team back on to a new game. The visiting side was again led by George Mayer II, as Mayer was up the middle on a breakaway he was fed on from a brilliant cross by Nicholas Sanchez-Torres. Mayer, wide open, now penetrated and split the two center backs and quickly put the Renegades on the board.

The rush to restore the name of Ohlone was on, but another moment later it was apparent that Ceja would need to come out when he was unable to properly clear a ball and a quick counter resulted in another goal against in near as many shots.

As the Ohlone side scrambled to fix their only goalkeeper issue the finishing nails were put into the side and Ohlone’s fill-in keeper Tomas Ortega would get the brunt of what was left and the Ohlone squad was able to give most of its side some game time and review a stinging loss with its starting side upon the bench.

Outstanding Performers:

  • Marin – Nelson Cruz
  • Marin – Roberto Hernandez
  • Ohlone – Nicholas Sanchez-Torres
Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Marin 9 Roberto Hernandez Nelson Cruz
Marin 18 Dong Soo Kim
Marin 40 Nelson Cruz
Ohlone 48 George Mayer II Nicholas Sanchez-Torres
Marin 50 Marc Saake
Marin 60 Taro Smithson
Marin 65 Musa Mannah
Marin 68 Roberto Hernandez
Marin 71 Nelson Cruz
Fouls 4 8
Yellows 1 1
Corners 3 8
Shots 12 12
Saves 6 4
Marin 1-1-0 0-0-0 0-0-0
Ohlone 0-2-1 0-0-0 0-0-0

Next opponent for Ohlone: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 vs. Mission at 4:00pm at Ohlone.

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