Team News, 2010 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Ohlone Battles Merritt, Gets Solid Shut Out

  • Game Day: Friday, September 10, 2010
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Non-Conference Match
  • Merritt @ Ohlone
  • Ohlone 4, Merrit 0

Merritt’s visit to Ohlone this afternoon would not be pleasant for them as the Renegades were looking to go over .500 with a win and a little payback from last year’s stinging loss at Merritt. The Renegades started hard and fast like all the games this season so far. This time an early strike by Nicholas Sanchez-Torrres (sophomore) put the warring Renegades on the move against the Thunderbirds and into prime position to control the game early.

Five minutes in, Sanchez-Torres’ goal came from a direct flighted ball sent in from Dustin Richards off a free kick from the left midfield area. Only moments earlier, Sanchez used his brute force pushing the ball past a flat defensive line after he was fed a smart pass from midfielder, captain Dustin Richards, along the left flank.

Atop the flank Sanchez was met with two backs that wanted nothing to do with his freight train speed and intent. Sanchez broke through the nominal resistance and pistoled the ball to the far side beating Merritt keeper Marco Godinez, but, beating the post as well, yet setting the wheels in motion for a routing. Richards cross into the box moments later found its mark and the early goal by Sanchez flick on.

Merritt would strike back after settling in moments later, forcing keeper Eric Underwood to come up big with several saves, but the Thunderbirds would fail to equalize on mutiple balls driven across the Ohlone net.

Fortunate for Ohlone, later in the half after a much controlled Ohlone game, sophomore forward, Jarod Fluke, on a tear all game long picked up a sitter when he was rightly placed as winger Francis Phril, sophomore, was pounded while in possession at the edge of the box, dead center. The keeper was unable to clean up the collision between Phril and the Merritt center back, a tossed ball squirted out toward the plucky paced Fluke and was picked up swiftly.

Fluke wasted not time, and put the ball on his right foot where he calmly sent the second of the day into the net. Fluke would net another moments later when Ohlone Keeper Eric Underwood, sent a punt screaming up the middle and a favorable bounce put the head of Fluke for the final touch into the goal beating keeper Godinez.

After half, Merritt again exerted themselves and forward Prince Bere found a few golden opportunities to start the Merritt comeback, Bere would be positioned to take revenge on three occasions, once striking the Ohlone post, however, Underwood found the handle and continued to preserve the goose egg, keeping a spotless score sheet through the match.

The final netting for the Renegades was a stellar shot from Carlos Zarate which mimiced a laser beam lighting up the net after a left sided throw in from the deep backside of Merritt drifted across the top of the eighteen feed on by Richards again, and Zarate took no mercy when his laser was launched over 22 yards out and put the game well out of reach for the Thunderbirds.

Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Ohlone 5 Nicholas Sanchez-Torres Dustin Richards
Ohlone 30 Jarod Fluke Francis Phril
Ohlone 33 Jarod Fluke Eric Underwood
Ohlone 69 Carlos Zarate Dustin Richards
Fouls 13 15
Yellows 1 3
Reds 0 0
Corners 3 3
Shots 23 12
Saves 7 10


  • Ohlone – Eric Underwood 90 min.
  • Merritt – Marco Godinez 33 min. GA 3
  • Merritt – Jose Ruiz-Ortiz 67 min. GA 1
Ohlone 3-2-0 0-0-0 0-0-0
Merritt 1-1-0 0-0-0 0-0-0

Next opponent for Ohlone: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 vs. Monterey Peninsula at 1:30pm at Ohlone.

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