Team News, 2010 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Renegades Falter at Saints

  • Game Day: Friday, September 17, 2010
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Ohlone @ Mission
  • Mission 3, Ohlone 1

The Ohlone Renegades were stifled by the Mission College Saints in Friday’s first conference match up. Ohlone were seven days past their last match and the rest looked to provide a fresh match up, but the Saints were there to defend and they did so, putting 8 behind the ball and in front of Ohlone.

The Renegades moved easily through the midfield but could not find the combination to get in the net. Midway through half one the Renegades struck pay dirt and a free kick from the Ohlone right flank put a loose, but hotly contested ball in the middle of the goal and Ohlone were on the scoreboard with a goal from substitute Tomas Ortega.

Moments later the Saints launched one of three assaults on the Ohlone goal and a haphazard shot from near 35 yards out caught the Ohlone keeper, Eric Underwood off guard and back peddling to reach the equalizer.

Ohlone were stunned but kept control of the game until the half. Thirteen minutes into the final period of the game, Ohlone again finds glory when a Mario Esqueda long throw-in develops again from the right flank and a mad scramble puts Antonio Garcia on the end of the go up goal.

Ohone again controls the match and the Renegades would pelt the goal of Mission time and time again, hitting the post and cross bar but no result would come.

Mission found the tactic of delay and crowding their own box effective, Ohlone found it frustrating and would falter when a quick counter attack allowed another equalizer as the midfield confusion at Ohlone put the Saints on the board again when Heriberto Guerreo snuck through the Renegades and put a goal off a rebounded shot that could not be adequately cleared.

It appeared the back line and midfield were catatonic from the lack of activity most of the day.

Mission again caught Ohlone sleeping when a long flighted ball off Mission keeper Oscar Milan forced an Ohlone handball direct center of the goal about 30 yards out. A direct free kick to the corner would be the sinker for the Renegades who have not lost to Mission in recent memory.

“We painted ourselves into a corner with substandard play” Coach Nordmo, “We can rebuild and better ourselves but this is a match we should not have lost. Give credit to Mission, their tactics worked.”

Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Ohlone 24 Tomas Ortega David Kulhanek
Mission 27 Alan Franco
Ohlone 58 Antonio Garcia Jarod Fluke
Mission 74 Michael Vieira
Mission 87 Fafael Alvarez
Fouls 8 11
Yellows 1 2
Reds 0 0
Corners 2 5
Shots 4 13
Saves 8 0


  • Mission – Oscar Milan 45 min. GA 2
  • Ohlone – Erik Underwood 90 min. GA 3
Ohlone 5-3-0 0-1-0 0-0-0
Mission 2-3-1 1-0-0 0-0-0

Next opponent for Ohlone: Tuesday, September 24, 2010 vs. Monterey Peninsula at 1:30pm at Ohlone.

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