Team News, 2010 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Mayer capitalizes on Opps, leads Ohlone over Lobos

  • Game Day: Tuesday, September 28, 2010
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Monterey Peninsula @ Ohlone
  • Ohlone 4, Monterey Peninsula 2

George Mayer, Sophomore, Captain for Ohlone, led the charge over Monterey Peninsula College this afternoon. The hotly contested match pitted two sides and mother nature’s heat against in each other, however, in the end Mayer and company’s performance put Ohlone back on track after a stumble against Mission late last week.

The Renegades were mostly dominate, however, Monterey were pushing against a solidified midfield and backline lead by David Kulhanek and Jose Ulloa. Both midfielders were essential in the play, as was Carlos Contreras in controlling the game.

Mayer was the call back guy after a defensive blunder atop the penalty box gave Charles Seymore of MPC the one up for the Lobos when he found the header off a diagonal cross that lead and opening goal of the game and one of six to be scored this day.

Mayer, not to be outdone struck back moments later with and impressive laser guided shot beating a wall, a keeper and the physical properties of a goal post which sent the ball to the far right side netting. Mayer would be helped out by Ulloa on the set piece.

Moments later, a failed goalkeeper clearance up the middle gave Mayer a gift shortly before half that the sophomore captain capitalized on with another equally devastating salvo on goalkeeper Alex Short.

Half two found MPC in position to equalize again and put Ohlone on warning that the game was not theirs for the taking. Luke Paolo found a poorly managed corner kick flopping about in the penalty area and he buried the ball in upper left “V” of Ohlone, another equal match in score but not in play according to the stats.

Ohlone needed a decider and Nicholas Sanchez would provide on a counter attack up the middle that Sanchez performed while being hotly pursued with Lobos’ on his back. Sanchez tucked away the go ahead, and Ohlone were firing on all cylinders.

Jarod Fluke, a pest and nuisance to MPC all day would finally get his wish with the final poker against MPC in the waning moments of the game. Fluke was strong and persistent in finding the Mayer corner that need Fluke’s attentive finish for the game’s final goal and Ohlone’s return to peak performance announcement.

Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
MPC 22 Charles Seymore DF
Ohlone 28 George Mayer II Jose Ulloa
Ohlone 41 George Mayer II Jarod Fluke
MPC 53 Luke Paolo
Ohlone 53 Nicholas Sanchez-Torres George Mayer II
Ohlone 74 Jarol Fluke George Mayer II
Fouls 5 8
Yellows 0 0
Reds 0 0
Corners 13 9
Shots 9 2
Saves 0 6


  • Monterey Peninsula – Alex Short 90 min. GA 4
  • Ohlone – Elmer Ceja 90 min. GA 2
Ohlone 6-3-0 1-1-0 0-0-0
Monterey Peninsula 1-7-1 1-1-0 0-0-0

Next opponent for Ohlone: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 vs. Las Positas at 1:30pm at Ohlone.

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