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Match Report: Ohlone stuns Skyline

  • Game Day: Friday, October 15, 2010
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Ohlone @ Skyline
  • Ohlone 3, Skyline 1

The pace of Friday’s game was fast, and the turf field was wide but not the preferred surface to Ohlone. Despite this, the Renegades fitness level proved more than worthy of the challenge.

Moments into the match, Ohlone’s Alan Juarez looked to hit his first goal of the season from ten yards out when Carlos Contreras played in a service off the left flank and Juarez gingerly flicked the ball from the outside into a right footed volley the barely missed the far top right corner.

It appeared Ohlone could get in early and keep a lead, but an unfortunate call against Ohlone’s back line, moments later gave a near corner kick opportunity that put a ball in the Ohlone box and a scramble ensued. The first goal of the game was on the board for the home team.

Near the half hour mark, a cross from the Ohlone left back, Sean Randall, found Contreras on the right post waiting to volley in the equalizer and put home Trojans on notice that the game had a long way to go. Elmer Ceja was often called upon to save the Renegades from flighted crosses and corners that threatened the leveled result.

The front line of Ohlone were busy but could not get into the fence now posted along the box of Skyline until the second half. Pursuing the back line of Skyline was Nicholas Sanchez and Jarod Fluke’s passion all day long.

It would pay off near the open of half two when Sanchez forced the center back to make a bad kick back to the Skyline keeper where the turf paid back Ohlone and the ball found the back net of Skyline missing the Trojan keeper all together.

Now Ohlone were often getting through the holes in the fence protecting the Skyline goal.

On a break away Contreras is brought down in the box and the official has no choice but to give the Penalty Kick. Contreras executes the game’s last point with expert precision ensures the Renegades second road win.

Although Jarod Fluke would hound the back line looking for some nugget of the treasure, the Renegades would settle for the three points away and look forward to their home game against West Valley on Tuesday.

“We had outstanding performances all the way around, from Elmer Ceja in the back up to Ricardo Martinez, David Kulhanek and Jarod Fluke” said Coach Nordmo, “We are especially pleased that Contreras is playing so well and we had a good result with George Mayer our top scorer taking a break this match”.

Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Skyline 13 Andres Aguilar
Ohlone 33 Carlos Contreras Sean Randall
Ohlone 49 Own Goal  
Ohlone 66 Carlos Contreras Penalty Kick
Fouls 12 5
Yellows 2 2
Reds 0 0
Corners 5 3
Shots 10 7
Saves 7 7


  • Skyline – Kevin Artiga 90 min. GA 3
  • Ohlone – Elmer Ceja 90 min. GA 1
Ohlone 8-4-1 3-1-1 1-0-0
Skyline 4-7-0 1-0-0 1-0-0

Next opponent for Ohlone: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 vs. West Valley at 1:30pm at West Valley.

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