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George Mayer II is TCV's Male Athlete of the Month for November 2010

November 2010—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice: Sports.

George Mayer II.George Mayer II, a forward on the Ohlone College men’s soccer team, has been selected as the Tri-City Voice Male Athlete of the Month for November 2010.

Mayer, a native of Livermore and graduate of Amador Valley High School, has helped transform Ohlone’s soccer program from a conference doormat into team capable of competing with the best squads in the state. In the two years since Mayer arrived, Ohlone has won more games (19) than it did in the previous six seasons combined (18).

In 2009, Mayer’s first season at Ohlone, he scored 16 goals and added 12 assists en route to being named the Coast Conference South Division Forward of the Year.

The 20 year old Mayer has amassed 13 goals and five assists in 2010 thus far, despite being hampered by injuries for much of the season.

Tri-City Voice caught up to Mayer after Ohlone’s match against De Anza on Tuesday to chat about soccer, college and anything else. Here’s what he had to say:

Tri-City Voice: So, how did you get into playing soccer?

Mayer: My family moved here from New York and my Dad played hockey. So, when we got out here, I have three older sisters and my Dad got them into soccer. He started coaching, and I just kept following it. My sister [Valerie] played for the University of Oregon.

Tri-City Voice: What about soccer attracts you?

Mayer: Just having fun. I just fell in love with it when I was younger. I started playing when I was really young, and then I kinda just quit everything else and pursued something I love.

Tri-City Voice: Did you ever play any other sports?

Mayer: I played everything. Football, baseball, basketball. I played baseball up until about four years ago, and gave it up to keep on playing soccer.

Tri-City Voice: You’ve had a great career here at Ohlone. How do you feel about your time here?

Mayer: I lived it. Coach Jan [Nordmo] really helped out everything. Kinda got me to come here. After high school, I really didn’t think I was going to go anywhere. Coach Jan brought me here and taught me a lot. Turned me into a lot better player than I used to be.

Tri-City Voice: You play a very aggressive style out there. You’re always getting into it with the other team, and sometimes even the refs. Where did you pick that up?

Mayer: It just happens sometimes. It kinda gets ahead of me. My head gets the better of me sometimes, but I kept my cool this year a lot more. I don’t try to get into [the opposing players’] heads because I know the other players are trying to get into my head. They know if they can throw me off my game, it could possibly throw the team off their game.

Tri-City Voice: Is your playing style something that was natural to you?

Mayer: When I played on my old teams, it was kinda like an all-star team. Kids coming in from all over; we were all top players. Then, when I came here, Coach Jan told me “when stuff goes bad, it kinda needs to be me”. So, being a captain last year and this year, I kinda took it upon myself that if the team’s not doing what they gotta do, I gotta do something to get everybody back in the game.

Tri-City Voice: Do you value playing that leadership role?

Mayer: Yeah, I like playing with other people looking up to me, because it makes me play better. I know that I'm trying to be a role model for them, so they can play better, and so, after they're done, they look up to me.

Tri-City Voice: After your career at Ohlone is done, do you have any plans to continue with soccer?

Mayer: I’m still looking. Haven't really gotten any offers on the table right [from four year colleges] now. Talking to Coach Jan, trying to see if he can get me somewhere. Really looking to play D1 or D2.

Tri-City Voice: Aside from soccer, what are your educational goals?

Mayer: I’m still thinking about what I want to be. Kinda flip flopping, kinda changed recently. I'm into a lot more computer technology.

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