Teamwork: The Secret to Success - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

From the 2010 season: Team cheer after game.

The Team

A team is as strong as the relationships within it.

The driving force of a team is its member’s ability to create and maintain excellent relationships within the team that can add an extra dimension and robustness to the team dynamic.

This attitude can be used by our team to focus on the gratitude and the vitality important to the benefits that the team brings to our own lives. It can be used to strengthen and deepen the relationships within it and maximize the opportunities that await a strong and united team.

Our Team Becomes Stronger By…

  • Displaying a positive attitude on and off the pitch
  • Everyone making the right decisions for the team
  • Having an unshakable belief that we can achieve our goals in soccer, in the class and in life
  • Believing in the strength of the team
  • Always want more – Always give more
  • Focus on our communication
  • Being demanding of yourself
  • Being fresh and well prepared to win
  • Focusing on being mentally stronger and always keep going until the end
  • When we play away from home, believe in our identity and play the soccer we love to play at home
  • Sticking together no matter what
  • Staying grounded and humble as a player and as a person
  • Showing the desire to win in all that you do, on the field, in the classroom and in life
  • Enjoying and contribute to all that is special about being a team - do not take it for granted

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