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TCV Female Athlete of the Month: Jessica Varady

April 2010—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice Sports.

Jessica Varady.Jessica Varady after a pitch.

Jessica Varady, a freshman softball player at Ohlone College, has been named the Tri-City Voice Female Athlete of the Month for April, 2010, based on her performance last month.

Varady is a 5’4” starting pitcher on the Renegades’ softball team and is the team’s top hitter. She has a record of 12-4 for March and 18-6 on the year.

On March 11 she pitched a 3-0 no hitter at home against Cabrillo, giving up three walks and striking out four. Two days later, on the road at West Valley, she pitched a perfect game with seven strikeouts in going the full seven innings of a 10-0 victory. Varady is batting close to .400 with 11 doubles, two triples, two homeruns and 14 stolen bases.

Ohlone has won seven straight Coast Conference North Championships under coach Donna Runyon and Varady hopes to lead her teammates to an eighth consecutive title and a place in the California State Community College Championship Tournament in May.

According to Coach Runyon, “Varady is very coachable and very competitive, whether in a game or in practice. Sometimes you have to reign her in. She is now beginning to know the difference between yellow and green lights, something you do not learn in high school. It is nice to know I will have her for the rest of this year and next year.”

Jessica Varady.Jessica Varady.

Varady graduated from Livermore High School in 2009, is the daughter of Nancy and Scott Varady of Livermore and her older sister, Andrea, played two years of college softball at Patten University in Oakland. She also has a boyfriend who plays on the Ohlone baseball team.

When advised of her award, TCV asked Varady the following questions followed by her responses:

Tri-City Voice: How did you get started playing softball?

Jessica Varady: I started playing softball when I was 7 years old, my sister was 9 and she was playing for a 10 and under team. As I went to her practices I was watching and I thought it looked like fun and so I asked if I could play and now all is history.

TCV: Did you and your sister, Andrea, play any other sports?

JV: Andrea got me to play different sports because I went and watched her and saw how much fun she was having and so I picked up playing basketball and volleyball with her in middle school.

TCV: Do you have any other siblings?

JV: I don't have any other siblings, just my best friend and sister Andrea.

TCV: Were your parents and/or are they still athletes and if so in what sport(s)?

JV: My parents were athletes when they were younger too. My daddy played football until his freshman year in college and my mommy did track and cheerleading then they played in a co-ed league of softball with co-workers.

TCV: When TCV interviewed you in June 2009 after you decided to enroll at Ohlone, you said field biology was a favorite subject of yours. Has that changed or are there other subjects you also enjoy?

JV: Field biology is still my favorite class but art has been brought into the favorite category as well.

TCV: Do you plan on returning to Ohlone for your sophomore year or are you considering leaving early for a four year college?

JV: I do plan on returning to Ohlone for my sophomore year. I hope to be successful in getting a scholarship.

TCV: In what four year colleges are you interested when you do leave Ohlone?

JV: I don't exactly know what four year colleges I'm interested in. The college just has to have the classes I need and a great softball program!

Jessica Varady.Jessica Varady.

TCV: You also said you were interested in Kinesiology and sports medicine as a profession. Any change there since moving on to college?

JV: Kinesiology is still in my mind as a profession but it's such a big field of different things it's hard to choose which field I want to be in.

TCV: Do have any other favorite past times besides art, working out and hanging out with your friends.

JV: My favorite past times are still hanging out with friends and family and working out.

TCV: Would you like to continue playing softball or any other sport after college?

JV: I would love to keep playing softball after college and if I could get the chance I would like to go pro.

TCV: Who has been your hero or role model to this point in your young life?

JV: My hero has always been my parents. They have such a good relationship together and they are there for me and my sister every step of the way. My role model is my sister Andrea. She makes life look so easy and she's the reason why I'm so competitive today. She tells me to never let up even when beating the other team is hopeless.

TCV: Is there any athlete you have admired during your growth?

JV: The athlete I've admired most since I was little was J.T. Snow. He played for the Giants and after he retired I don't have a new one.

TCV: What is your favorite food?

JV: My favorite food would have to be anything that has noodles, a side of bread, veggies, and fruit.

TCV: To what kind of music do you listen?

JV: I listen to mostly country music but I listen to rap or hip hop as well.

TCV: Do you have a favorite movie?

JV: My favorite movie is “A Walk to Remember.”

TCV: Do you have any superstitions you do before or after a softball game?

JV: I have a couple superstitions but I can't tell you. You could probably spot them when you see me playing!

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