Article, 2009 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Swim and Dive

Ohlone spring sports wrap

By Idorenyin Uto-Uko.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

Ohlone College has been very successful this spring. Each of their spring sports have attained the highest level of accomplishments.


Coach Clif Awuy has had a good group of guys this season, led by sophomore ace Thomas McGhee. "He has the opportunity to be selected as an All-American," Awuy said.

McGhee has won nearly every tournament he has participated in this spring. He and teammate Luis Seriatta qualified for the Northern California State Tournament this month.

"The team continues to exceed my expectations," Awuy said. Awuy's team finished fourth at the Coast Conference Team Championships on April 18.

Seriatta and McGhee will continue their quest for the state championships this week when they participate in the Nor Cal Singles Tournament on Thursday, April 30, through Friday, May 1, at Santa Rosa Junior College.


The water is the only thing that can cool off the red hot Renegades. The team won the coast conference championships in record setting form.

"This is the best class I've had since I've been at Ohlone," said Ohlone Coach Greg Kendall.

Kendall has coached at Ohlone for 15 years and has never beaten rival West Valley College. His team beat WVC overwhelmingly this season, 691-583.

Led by freshman Nick Ramandi, the Renegades cut through their competition. Ramandi won the 400, 200 and 100 IMs at the Conference Championships. His teammate, Adam Kabis, chipped in the scoring by winning the 100 butterfly. Ramandi's marks qualified him for the California State Championships.

Other notable freshmen for Ohlone this season are Keith Chesterman, John Green, Scotty Harvey, Nonda Kotus and Art Federali.

"This team never misses practices. They are a great group. We have a good incoming class," said Kendall. "We'll be good next year and the years to come."

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