Ohlone College Volleyball Makes First Playoff Appearance Since 1999 - Team News, 2012 Ohlone College Renegades Women's Volleyball

By Jeremy Penaflor, Head Coach, Ohlone College Women's Volleyball.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

State Playoffs logo.The Ohlone College Volleyball team will be traveling to Rocklin to take on the Wolverines of Sierra College for their first round match up of the CCCAA Women's Volleyball Northern California Regionals and State Championships. This will be the first time the Renegades have made a playoff appearance in 12 years. They come with the resume of a 19-4 overall record, an 8-2 Coast Conference South record, 4 all-conference team member, a #3 ranked digger in the state, and a #9 ranked server in the state. Couple that with a lot of excitement and confidence from the players and the Renegades promise to give the best in the state has to offer some competitive matches throughout their playoff run.

Check the Ohlone College Women's Volleyball website for updates on scores and news. You can also go to the state statistical website for the most updated stats and live scores. (http://www.cccaastats.org/sports/wvball/composite).

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