2010 Team Roster - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Volleyball

Women's Volleyball Roster 2010
No. Name Position Hometown
1 Stephanie Cao
S/OH Fremont, CA
4 Anna Ottavis
OPP/MB Fremont, CA
6 Marissa Patubo
OH/S San Jose, CA
7 Niara Williams
DS Oakland, CA
9 Brenda Calara
MB San Jose, CA
10 Isabella Bumb
S/DS San Jose, CA
13 Becca Clore
DS San Lorenzo, CA
15 Cassandra Ang
MB/OH/OPP Fremont, CA
16 Joleen Croce
OH/OPP Newark, CA
21 Jayme Leftridge
OH/MB Oakland, CA
25 Melisa Randall
L Fremont, CA

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Photo credit: Donald Jedlovec Photography: Ohlone College.

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