Team News, 2003-2004 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball Team Wins Championship - State Tournament Up Next

2003-2004 Coast Conference Champions

The Ohlone Women's Basketball Team has just completed their regular season and is currently preparing for a long and successful post-season.

This year's squad will take their very respectful 19-5 record, along with their first Coast Conference title in the new millennium on the road, as they face Butte College in the opening round of the State Championship Playoffs. The women's basketball team members and coaches feel quite confident heading into the competition on Friday evening.

So, to what do the Renegades attribute their banner year? Quality players, who are eager to represent their community and Ohlone College! Amongst these top players, is 6'1” Center, Megan Foy. Megan dominated throughout conference and, through her diligence, Megan earned Coast Conference MVP honors. Her stellar performances have also earned her a full-ride basketball scholarship to Santa Clara University next fall!

Assisting the Renegades to many wins was sharp shooting guard, Vanessa Rogers. Vanessa finished the season as the team's leading scorer. She spends most games scorching the bottom of nets, as it has been lights out beyond the arch for this dynamite shooter! Vanessa brings leadership and intensity to this squad and has been the consummate leader all season long. This All-Conference Team Member is especially eager to lead her team through the state championship tournament.

Two other All-Conference Award Winners, Michelle Quist and Dominique Reed, have helped the Renegades to their current number 18th ranking in the state. These two women dominate opponents on the boards and with their many offensive weapons they have been virtually unstoppable through the Coast Conference. These two players, along with their very important teammates, are ready to prove the Renegads have the right stuff to win it all!

This year's Lady Renegade team has brought Ohlone back to Championship status. This team's banner is sure to be one of many more to follow! These young women have set a new and a higher standard for Renegade Basketball. As with the men's team, much success can be anticipated; both in the post-season of 2004, as well for those seasons that sit on the horizon! There is a new winning attitude in the newly refurbished gymnasium! The men and women's teams are making sure that they will not be denied due success!

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