2005-2006 Player Profiles - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Basketball

Angelica Benjamin (#23)

  • 5’10” Forward
  • Sophomore

Angelica was a top-performing, two-sport standout athlete at James Logan High School, in Union City, CA. This young lady made her presence know through out the ranks as a tenacious and determined post player. “Gellie” is very athletic and, as a post, she runs the floor very well. Given her speed and strength, Gellie is difficult to stop. Gellie, due to her determination, spent much of last season as a starter. Gellie was successful as she enjoyed being challenged. Gellie averaged 6 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 steals each game, while providing a strong dominant presence in the paint. This young lady will be expected to contribute significantly to this team’s anticipated success.

Annika Biard (#30)

  • 5’9” Small Forward
  • Sophomore

Ohlone recruited Annika, as her deep shooting range, great quickness, and tough defensive skills were quite enticing! Annika, a determined high school senior, ensured that during each contest, she put forth a dominant performance. Although soft spoken, Annika worked hard and demanded that her team follow this lead. Annika has 4-year scholarship potential written all over her; she has size, quickness, and determination. Also, given her shooting range Annika will prove ready to make her mark at the 4-year competitive level. As a freshman off the bench, Annika averaged 6.5 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 steals each game. Given her experience and gained understandings, Annika will prove even more dominant as a sophomore.

Liezl Dacuycuy (#10)

  • 5’2” Point Guard and Shooting Guard
  • Sophomore

Liezl was an Andrew Hill of San Jose, CA, Student-Athlete Standout. This stellar athlete is lightning quick and as determined as they come. This high school All-League Scholar Athlete entered college and did not miss a beat. This speedy and savvy guard shut down bigger guards (but always slower guards…few are faster). Liezl picked her opponent apart, both on offense and on defense. As a floor general, Liezl was focused and determined. Skill-wise, Liezl was amongst the team’s top assist and scoring leaders. This young lady proved to be both a proficient passer and three-point shooter. Due to her speed, she is quite adept at getting to the basket as well. Defensively Liezl is a pit bull, as she is relentless and aggressive. This guard will stop many, but be stopped by very few! As a freshman, Liezl’s stellar performances earned her All-Conference honors and the team’s “Renegade of the Year” award. Liezl averaged 11 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and 6 steals each contest.

Laura Elliot (#55)

  • 6’1” Center and Power Forward
  • Sophomore

This strong and tenacious post player graduated from Granada High School, of Livermore, CA. She was a very dominant, post player in the well-respected East Bay Athletic League. Laura is not only a top performing athlete, but a top performing student, who, is on Ohlone College’s prestigious Dean’s list. In the classroom and in the gymnasium, Laura is a focused and diligent worker. As a player, Laura is the prototypical blue-collar worker, who enjoys getting ALL the dirty work done for her team. This includes, of course, playing tough defense, hitting the glass, and snagging all the rebounds. Laura is also willing to take a charge, be utilized to set viscous (but legal) screens, as well as dive on the ground for all loose balls! Throughout conference last season, Laura earned a starting position. She did this by scoring 7.5 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 steals each game.

Amanda Everett (#15)

  • 5’7” Point Guard, Shooting Guard, and Small Forward
  • Sophomore

Sonoma State Transfer/2003 Amador Valley, of Pleasanton CA, Standout: Oh my, was Ohlone College lucky when this speedy, tough, and savvy point guard decided to leave Sonoma State and help Ohlone grow as a basketball powerhouse. In high school, Amanda enjoyed great success while serving as Amador Valley High School’s starting point guard. Along the way she helped to lead her Amador teams to two league titles and a section title, as well. This guard knows what it takes to win! Amanda has great dribbling skills, great court sense, and great shooting range. As if that is not enough, Amanda is passionate about defense. Given all these well-honed skills, Amanda enjoyed great success while serving as The Renegades Floor General and team captain last season! Amanda, as a starter, earned All-Conference honors, while averaging 7 points, 5 steals, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists each game.

Tasha Gonzales (#25)

  • 5’4” Guard
  • Freshman

Tasha is a great hustling guard, from Kennedy high school. This school often sends Ohlone players that know how to work tenaciously. Given her need for a bit more experience, this ever-developing guard had opted to red shirt this season. This will allow Tasha another year of development in effort to prepare herself to be extremely competitive and ready to lead her team next season. We are confident that this ambitious hard worker will do so.

LaKesha Hokes-Vaught (#5)

  • 5’4” Shooting Guard
  • Sophomore

LaKesha is a San Lorenzo High School graduate. As a senior, Kesha’s young team significantly depended upon and she ALWAYS came through. Kesha was her team’s starting point guard and she was expected to lead her troops in assists, steals, and scoring. Kesha accepted her role and excelled in meeting her team’s expectations. Kesha is a very determined young lady who is always eager to help her team in all capacities. In high school Kesha was a leader on her team, but as well in the league. Other coaches recognized her tireless efforts and determination. Kesha earned great respect from her opponents throughout her stellar high school career. At Ohlone Kesha has developed and grown into a great shooter and defensive player. Last season Kesha was also the best at running the fast break. She pushes the ball up the floor very quick and makes great decisions in the open court. Her savvy play equated to a number of easy buckets for the 2004-2005 Renegades. On the court, Kesha averaged 4 points, 2 steals, and 4 assists per game.

Erika Mahler (#33)

  • 6’1” Center
  • Sophomore

Erika took a hiatus from basketball to get a jump start on the real world. Since she has been missing the basketball world, she is BACK ON THE HARD WOOD! This return is great news for Ohlone, BUT sad news for their opponents. Erika, for fun, competes as a power lifter. She is incredibly strong and enjoys using her strength to her advantage on the court. Erika has always favored a more physical style of play and, given her strong stature, this will prove to wreak havoc on the players that are forced to face her. Erika is eager to lead her team in rebounding, as this has always been her best team asset. She is a CONSTANT force on the glass and refuses to allow anyone to grab HER REBOUNDS! Erika, upon dominating in the paint, will be expected to be a leader on and off the court. She brings great life understandings to her team, which will prove to guide them in the right direction. Erika will be a dominating force, indeed!

Jenna Nicholson (#11)

  • 5’6”Shooting Guard
  • Freshman

Jenna is a product of the perennial powerhouse, Amador Valley high School. She is one of Amador Valley’s most prolific scorers. There is no other word that best describes Jenna other than “SHOOTER!” A shooter she is, indeed! Jenna likes taking the big shot and she is always looking for an opportunity to do so. Jenna is a unique player in that she is able to create her own shot. Jenna is wise and knows to keep moving in order to create a passing opening for her teammates, all of whom know to look for Jenna Spotting Up! Just as courageous as a player, Jenna is proving to be the same as a team leader. Jenna is willing to ask her teammates to work hard and follow her proper lead. She is tenacious and determined. She is unwilling to allow herself and her teammates to waste any time and any opportunities. Jenna is a great addition to this championship-minded team! She knows how to win and is willing to make it happen!

Aoife Sands (#22)

  • 5‘11”Forward/Center
  • Freshman

Aoife (pronounced: “Eefa”) comes with some of the highest praised ever offered by a high school coach. Casey Rush, Aoife’s high school coach, states “In my 30-years of coaching, Aoife is my favorite ever. She is also the best team leader/team captain I have ever had.” WOW this praise is significant. Already Ohlone has begun to understand how Aoife has garnered such high regards. She is a positive, uplifting individual with an infectious disposition. Everyone simply feels better when Aoife is around. Now, don’t be misled, she is nice to her teammates, but she is a terror for her opponents. She is true Blue Collar worker, who is willing to do what ever needed for her team. She hustles on both ends of the floor and prides herself on the glass. Aoife is relentless as a rebounder. She simply MUST get the rebound for her team! Count on seeing Aoife rebound the ball, then hustle down the court to receive the fastbreak pass from a guard on the fast break. We guarantee that Aoife will often begin and end the fastbreak, as she is a natural born hustler on the court!

Erica Scoles

  • 5’7” Guard and Small Forward
  • Red Shirt Freshman

As a junior, Erica was groomed by a senior-laden team. She, apparently, learned well. As a senior she took the reigns and never looked back. She understood that her young team would look to her for leadership. Erica proved to be a classy and savvy point guard who was quite ready to be her team’s leader. She has been coined a silent, but deadly player. She does all the little things to ensure her team enjoys success. She was well respected by her teammates and her coach. Her efforts were endless and paid great dividends, as she had her team competing in every contest. Erika stellar high school performance was proving to translate into college readiness. This was, however, until Erika suffered a freshman season ending knee injury. The injury sidelined Erica throughout the season and forced her to take a medical red shirt team her freshman season. Erica has been a work horse in the weight room and continues to work hard in efforts to be ready to productive on the court this season. Erica’s off-season and rehabilitation habits have been respectable and, as a result, once released by the doctor (real soon), she will be ready to dominate. Especially look for Erica to bring great intensity and shooting range to the team!

Erin Stewart (#3)

  • 5’10” Forward
  • Sophomore

Erin was been molded into a needed leader for this young team. She has accepted her role and is flourishing as a leader, by action and by words. Erin is in great shape and really pushing herself to excel. She is pulling her team along with her. Erin is showing great character as a determined leader She has demonstrated the necessary behaviors and disposition to be a successful student-athlete. After struggling as a freshman, Erin has learned how to be a respectable student-athlete, which has aided in her newly honed leadership skills. Erin is expected to enjoy a nice sophomore campaign. Given her off-season diligence, this is a natural expectation.

Alcha Strane (#21)

  • 5’7” Point Guard
  • Sophomore Transfer

Alcha is a Pac-10 transfer from Oregon State. This Pac-10 player will prove to be very successful at the Community College level. When this academic year has ended, Alcha will be more than prepared to compete at your level, as she has already done so. Given this reality and the fact that she will be gaining a great deal of confidence at the two-year level, Alcha will be a great transfer for your school. As a basketball player, Alcha is a very competitive and savvy point guard. Alcha is able to break defenses down with her great ball handling skills and superior passing skills. Alcha, out on the perimeter, is has the speed to go by any player. Then, if a player cautiously plays off her for the drive, Alcha will shoot the lights out from beyond the arc; proving to be a legitimate triple threat. As a student athlete Alcha has always excelled. Alcha is very studious and her academic endeavors are her top priorities. Being merely “average” in the classroom is simply unacceptable for this astute and diligent student athlete. Alcha will be one team member who will not require your academic monitoring; I assure you she is harder on herself than you could be. Obviously, as a non-scholarship two-year college, we are excited to have Alcha in our program. She is a stellar student athlete, with well-honed academic, athletic, and leadership skills.

Christina Vargas (#32)

  • 5'9" Forward
  • Freshman

This Kennedy High School graduate brings tenacity and an unparalleled focus to the team.This first year player will bring needed strength at the forward position.The coaching staff is very excited about Christina as she is an extremely hard worker and is the most coach-able athlete they have ever enjoyed.Christina, as she develops will be very dominating, as she is able to pass well, shoot even better, and when the lane is there, she will drive hard to the basket.Christina is a very skilled player at all positions.She has played all five positions throughout her basketball career and she is able to adeptly perform as needed on the court.This young and hungry player is a great team addition.

Kaycie Zimmerman (#12)

  • 5’7” Shooting Guard Small Forward
  • Sophomore

University of Utah Transfer, who was a soccer scholarship goalie. At her Mountain View High School, in Orem, Utah, Kaycie was a three-sport standout. This young lady is an incredible athlete, as she is fast, strong, and competitive. As an Ohlone Renegade, Kaycie proved deadly from the three-point line, and managed on defense to shut down some of the toughest opponents the team faced last season. Given that Kaycie is a full-ride scholarship soccer athlete, her defensive and offensive footwork is stellar! Kaycie loves defense and due to her athleticism, she rarely ever gets beat. During her first season at Ohlone, Kaycie averaged 9 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 steals each game. Kaycie started in every contest and served as the team’s captain. Kaycie proved to be a great basketball player and a great team leader. Kaycie also garnered much academic recognition, including a spot on the Dean’s list!

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