2006-2007 Player Profiles - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Basketball

#3 Danesha Wright (Lil Dee)

  • Berkeley High School
  • Point Guard
  • 5’3”

This guard is lightning quick and can wreak havoc for all opposing teams. Danesha is as adept dribbling the ball as she is shooting it from any where on the floor. A defender must worry about Danesha’s ability to drive to the basket, as she is about her shooting the three. Both these skills Danesha does so well and with, seemingly, great ease. Danesha is a dynamic player who thoroughly enjoys entertaining the fans. She never seizes to amaze all basketball fans with her dazzling passing, her quick moves to the basket, and her heroics on the court. Danesha has an understanding of the game and a knack for excelling at it that is beyond her years and her small frame. This guard, inarguably, is one of the best in the State. Ohlone fans are guaranteed great excitement when coming out to the game, as Danesha is most assuredly willing and able to put on a great show!

#25 Ceciley Johnson (CC)

  • Albany High School
  • Power Forward/Center
  • 6’2”

This transfer from Florida is as athletic as she is tall. At 6’2” CC has already begun to dominate on the court. CC is a very mobile and fast post player and when she is not muscling players out of her way, she is racing down the court past them. Her size and strength make it virtually impossible for opponents to defend her OR score over her. CC is already averaging a double double, the only question remains is how much MORE damage will she do before the season concludes!?! Best guess is that the amount of possible damage will be significant. CC is a legitimate inside AND outside threat and Ohlone will enjoy many wins because this great team asset is unstoppable!

#12 Aoife Sands (Ireland)

  • Granda High School, Livermore CA
  • Forward
  • 5’11”

This returning player is eager to build from the stellar ending she displayed during her freshman campaign. Aoife (pronounced Eefa), is a great leader and one of the best shot blockers around. She is very aggressive defensively and is an explosive player offensively in the open court. Aoife has worked hard in the off season and has garnered great confidence to ensure focus and poise on the court throughout all competitions. Aoife is a very active offensive player defensive player, and rebounder! Given her speed and tenaciousness, Aoife is ready to dominate throughout her final stand as a RENEGADE!

#32 Christina Vargas (Vargas)

  • Kennedy High School Fremont, CA
  • Forward/Guard
  • 5’10”
Christina is a 4.0 student athlete. She works as hard in the classroom as she does in the gym. Christina is the consummate teammate, as she is diligent in all she does and is very positive with all team members, meanwhile, always pushing her self to give and do her best. Christina is able to play inside and outside and she does both well. Christina honed her skills throughout her freshman season and she is ready to put all her hard work to the test! It is certain that her hard work will pay off for her team and for herself. Much is expected this season from this diligent team member.

#00 Jeni Williams (Bubbah)

  • Guard
  • 5’6”

Jeni is working on dusting off her game, as she has taken some time off between her high school career and now. While taking time off, Jeni gained a passion for the game. As she learns her new team’s offensive system, Jeni will be called on greatly to use her athletic gifts to drive by opponent, while prohibiting them to do the same against her. Jeni will prove to be one of the team’s top defensive stoppers, as she is eager to utilize her gift of speed and aggressiveness.

#2 Raquel Lara (Milpitas and Rocky)

  • Milpitas High School
  • Guard
  • 5’6”

Raquel is staying focused and working hard to learn the ins and outs of college basketball. She is a strong outside shooter and, as she develops her defensive tenacity, she will be utilized often to hit the long shot and spread the opposing team’s defense out. She will be asked to take double teams off CC and Keke by hitting open shots and making the defense worrisome about her accurate shooting ability. Once Rocky is able to adjust to the new and faster level, Rocky will prove to be a great asset to her Renegade Family!

#45 LaKreeya Hairston (Keke)

  • Deer Valley High school, Antioch, CA
  • Center
  • 6’3”

Keke may be the TALEST player in Ohlone Women’s Basketball history. When her career ends, she may also prove to be the most dominate player as well. Keke is a physical, low-post player, who is getting better every game. Given her size, Keke is proving unstoppable on the low block. She is also altering every shot taken in her vicinity. Thus far, Keke is doing a great job of finishing inside and rebounding. She's adjusting to college level basketball and her new team, and although she's a freshman, much will be asked of her. She will be asked to continue to improve and grow more and more dominate, especially defensively where she has proven to be the most valuable. Everyone is certain that Keke is up to this charge.

#22 Taylor Lyons (Tay)

  • James Logan, Union City, CA
  • Guard/Forward
  • 5’10”

Taylor is, without a doubt, Ohlone’s most versatile player and she appears as though she can do just about anything on the court. This freshman guard will be asked to help defend opponents’ top players, while proving to be one of the team’s top offensive weapons. Taylor enjoyed great success throughout her high school career and it is assumed that her college career will be even greater. Taylor has both the size and athleticism to ensure success for herself and her team. Taylor is capable of handling the ball under pressure, as well as shooting the three. On the team she has one of the most accurate pull-up jumpers. Given all her basketball talents, everyone expects Taylor to be one Ohlone’s best all-around players ever.

#5 Kelly Fisher (Fish)

  • Washington High School, Fremont, CA
  • Forward, Guard
  • 5”9”

Kelly comes from a very successful high school career. Her team enjoyed many victories and accolades. On this top competitive team, Kelly was a premier player. She is deceivingly quick off the dribble and she does a great job of getting to the basket, but as well, hitting the outside shot. Given her desire to do well at the college level, Kelly, who is physically very strong, has been working diligently to grow accustomed to Renegade basketball and our style and use her strength to dominate opponents. Thus far Kelly’s work has been paying off for her and her teammates. Kelly WILL enjoy a great college career at Ohlone. This is a safe statement, as she is determined to make this happen!

#23 Demi Wilson (Alaska)

  • West Valley, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Forward
  • 5”10”

Demi brings great physical strength and a commitment to playing hard to this year’s squad. Demi has tremendous rebounding ability, and, as she adjusts to college level basketball, Demi will prove to be one of the State’s top defensive players. Although a top defender, Demi is also a solid offensive player. She is able to play with her back to the basket, as well as step out and shoot the THREE. The team will be looking for Demi to be a stronger threat on the glass, but as well, posting up and/or hitting open outside shots.

#15 Melanie Inouye

  • Washington High School, Fremont, CA
  • Guard
  • 5”5”

Melanie is a great student and a smart basketball player. She is a two-sport athlete, as she was a top performer for two years on the Ohlone Volleyball team. Melanie, after sitting out last season to focus on volleyball, comes to the team this season with a new excitement and passion for the game. She has used this new energy to ensure that she improves defensively and become more knowledgeable about he team’s offensive system. Melanie knows she'll be utilized in situations where a strong shooter is needed. Her strength is being a shooter, but has really worked on all facets of her basketball, so she will be ready when called to go to work!

#14 Caprice Hall (C-Prees/Capri Sun)

  • American High School, Fremont, Ca
  • Guard
  • 5’7”

Although just a freshman, and although probably not fair, SO MUCH will be expected of Caprice this season. Caprice will be asked to be a defensive stopper, as well as handle the ball under pressure and shoot the long ball. Caprice, although a natural born shooter, will spend the season being groomed as a floor leader. This season look to see Caprice shooting the ball and working diligently to hone her point guard skills. Although Caprice is an unselfish player, she will be asked to become a little more selfish because the team really believe she has the ability to get to the basket against anybody, as well scoring at will from long distance. She will be asked to take over as often as possible. Everyone believes that she CAN and WILL!

  • Head Coach Elizabeth Stanley: (925) 518-7135
  • Assistant Coaches: Ed Harris, Bob Frey, Tina Frey, Julia Allender, Jessica Robison, Ericka Mahler and Jesse Brudick
  • Athletic Director: Paul Moore
  • Trainer: Chris Warden

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