2007-2008 Player Profiles - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Basketball

#00 Off-Guard, Jenni (BUBBA) Williams, El Cajon High School

Jenni is a second year player who will be utilized to terrorize opponents defensively. She will be called on to be a defensive pit bull. Jenni is a speedy guard with quick hands and a willingness to sacrifice her body for a team WIN! Jenni is very ambitious about defense and VERY eager to help her team “Get a Stop!” The Renegades expect to utilize Jenni as one of their main defensive threats.

#3 Forward, Louise (WEEZIE) Valdez, Milpitas High School

Louise will prove to be the most over-looked recruit Ohlone was lucky enough to garner. This excellent athlete will prove she was a diamond in the rough. With her length and impeccable timing, Louise manages to block many shots and she uses this skill to intimidate her opponents. Weezie is fast, and although a bit lanky, she is also very strong. Weezie has proven very capable of contributing on both offense and defense for this year’s squad. Expect big plays from this capable newcomer!

#4 Shooting Guard, Roma (AROMA) Silvestre, James Logan High School/Chabot College

Roma is one of the team’s captains. Her leadership and poise will be very important to this year’s squad. Roma is expected to be the calm during the storm and the voice to which the team listens when guidance is greatly needed. Roma, upon being quite the sharp shooter, is also a coach’s dream defensively. Roma’s understanding of the game makes her very important to the team’s many defensive options. Roma is a confident and capable defender, one who is able to help the team improve their defensive output. Expect Roma to be leading the troops to great success!

#5 Forward, Kelly (FISH) Fisher (All Conference First Team), Washington High School

Kelly Fisher is the most decorated player returning this season. As a state leader in many categories, and an All Conference recognized player last season, Kelly is expected to lead the Renegades throughout the season. Given her major court minutes last season, Kelly returns with great game experience. This gained expertise will be key to the team’s success! Kelly is a physical forward who enjoys terrorizing her opponents through her tenacious style of play. Kelly is one of the team’s most versatile player, as she can dominate in the paint as easily as she can from the perimeter. Fish can score inside or out. She can guard a post or a perimeter player. Kelly’s ability to dominate all over the court makes her one of the Lady Renegades key weapons! Look to see Kelly propelling her team to many wins!

#10 Point Guard, Christina (STINA/SUNSHINE) Dixon, Menlo Atherton High School

Christina was deemed a “Must Get” for this year’s Renegade team. She is a proficient point guard and a monster defender. Her athleticism parallels few and her tenaciousness even fewer. In the pre-season Christina proved to be one of the Renegades all time hardest worker. She competed to be the first on all runs and lifting competitions. She is in excellent condition and this is not good news for opponents. Given her conditioning and innate athleticism, you can bet that Sunshine WILL be a major contributor to this year’s success. The better Sunshine gets, the better the Renegades WILL BE!

#12 Shooting Guard, Nompumelelo (LELO) Ramatsoga, St. Mary’s DSG of South Africa

Lelo is the Renegades first international player. She comes to Ohlone as one of the most mature and committed student athletes ever in the program. Her maturity and determination will help Lelo adapt to the level of basketball played at Ohlone. Lelo works hard and, once she is able to keep up with the speed of the game, she will begin to contribute to the team’s endeavors. Lelo is a sharp shooter on the court and physically strong. Look to see this young and eager player make forward strides and help her team throughout the season.

#14 Shooting Guard, Caprice (CAPRI SUN) Hall (All Conference Hon. Mention), American H.S.

One of the best shooters EVER to wear a Renegade jersey! Caprice has long range shooting abilities that well exceed most! She is also very athletic and capable of driving right past her defenders. Upon her offensive prowess, Caprice is a quick and determined defender. This enthusiastic defender is always assigned the opponent’s best offensive weapon. Caprice welcomes her role of defensive stopper with great pride! Given her offensive and defensive talents, Caprice will prove to be ready to dominate and earn due respect! Caprice is an important piece to the Renegades Championship hopes!

#20 Off-Guard, Geneaya (REGGIE /NAY) Rogers, Milpitas High School

WOW! Not much more can be said to accurately assess how one reacts to Nay’s performances on the court! She is as talented as she is athletic. She can drive, dish, and D up anyone. She is a blast to watch in action and is readily winning over the hearts of the many Renegade fans! Nay is in for a BRIGHT and promising college basketball future. It will be fun watching it unfold; well fun for the Renegades and their fans, BUT treacherous for opponents. This young and energetic guard is eager to begin flat taking over games and prove she can do it all! Any YES, she can, indeed, DO IT ALL!

#22 Forward, Taylor (TAY) Lyons (All Conference Honorable Mention), James Logan High School

She can pass! She can dribble! She can drive! She can SCORE, inside and out! She can rebound! She can even shut teams down with her lock down defense. What can’t she do? So far the only answer to this question is: She can’t be stopped! This true basketball triple threat is making a name for herself at Ohlone and she is eager to see her basketball career continue to flourish. Taylor, do to her ability to fill any position on the court, WILL be asked to do a great deal for the Renegades this season. Lead, follow, and make good things happen, this is the least that will be expected of Tay. Tay is physically gifted and proving to work ambitiously to meet the mental focus required to be a legit D-1 prospect! Her frame and her ability to score make her, seemingly, a shoe in! Tay is certainly a shoe in for leading her team to many victories! Look to see Taylor slicing and chastising!

#23 Point Guard, Tytiana (TY)Tobin, Newark Memorial High School

Ty is the most important piece to the team’s championship quest. Ty makes the Renegades impossible to press and zone. Ty is a stellar point guard and will be depended upon heavily for production on the offensive end. Ty commands respect from the defense because of her outside shooting and passing prowess. Despite her offensive skills, Ty’s defense should NOT be over-looked, as she is just as competent defensively; thus making her a valued team member! Look to see Ty dicing and diming. Ty is a most welcomed addition to The Lady Renegade Basketball Team!

#24 Forward, Casceal (WINDEX/CC) Swaggard, Oakland Technical High School

EXPLOSIVE! This is one word that best describes this athletic and talented freshman recruit! Along with Dixon, CC let her presence at Ohlone be known right away. She did this by proving to be a weight room fanatic and a maniac in all aspects of conditioning. CC was very eager to sculpt herself into a lean, mean, fighting machine. A machine, that is, that is ready to prove she is an elite performer offensively and on defensively! CC WILL help lead the Renegades to success as she is strong and determined. She is a proto-typical blue collar worker who has already begun to dominate as a defender and a rebounder. As her scoring ability improves, so will the Renegades ability to dominate their opponents. Windex has the early signs of dominating her opponents! Early predictions, SHE WILL, indeed, dominate!

#45 Center, Le’Kreeya (KEKE) Hairston (All Conference Hon. Mention), Deer Valley High School

Keke is a very strong and physical post player. Down low, Keke is virtually unstoppable. The Renegades will be looking often to Keke to score. Keke has worked on her consistency and conditioning, which is great for her run and gun team, BUT NOT so great for Renegade opponents. Given her size and mobility, Keke makes Ohlone able to compete with anyone. She is dominant in the paint and capable of helping the Renegades shut teams out! Expect to see Keke tearing it up throughout this 07-08 campaign, as she is ready and her opponents simply are not!

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