2008-2009 Player Profiles - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Basketball

#0 Jasmine Rubin: Freshman 5’9” Shooting Guard - James Logan High School - Union City, CA

Jasmine was a highly touted guard while attending James Logan High School and had numerous D-1 full-ride basketball scholarship offers. Jasmine opted to stay home and represent her community. Jaz is eager to take on the roll of shooting threat for her new Renegade team. Jaz has great shooting range, athleticism and basketball intelligence. It is for these many reasons that much is expected of Jaz and we are certain that she will prove to be an impact freshman who lifts her team to greatness.

#2 Ashley Valenzuela: Freshman 5’7” Point Guard - James Logan High School - Union City, CA

Only words of praise can be used when describing Ashley and her anticipated contributions to this year’s team. Ashley spent her senior year at James Logan cheering from the sidelines while she recovered from throat surgery. This position as a player-coach on the bench armed Ashley with a new understanding of the game. The Renegades will be looking to gain from Ashley’s basketball intelligence, her life lessons and her leadership skills.

#3 Louise Valdez: Sophomore 5’8” Shooting Guard - Milpitas High School - Milpitas, CA

One of the best shooters in the area. GREAT RANGE AND CONSITENCY! Weezy has long range shooting abilities that well exceeds most others’ abilities! Weezy, in the off-season worked on her ability to drive to the basket; thus making her more difficult to defend. Upon her offensive prowess, Weezie is a quick and determined defender. This enthusiastic defender will be assigned the opponent’s best offensive weapon. Given her offensive and defensive talents, Louise will prove to be ready to dominate and earn due respect! Louise is a vital part to the Renegades Championship hopes!

#5 Cassie Bates: Freshman 5’7” Point Guard - Washington High School - Fremont, CA

One of the TOP RECRUITS the team landed last spring! Cassie has this year’s team excited by her relentless energy and her adept basketball skills. Cassie is very athletic and a great leader. She is being asked to help run the teams offensive AND defensive schemes; prove that she is not only skilled, but a leader due respect. Given her offensive and defensive talents, Cassie will prove to be ready to dominate; thus proving to be an important piece to the Renegades Championship hopes!

#10 Christina Dixon: Sophomore 5’8” Point Guard - Menlo-Atherton High School - Atherton, CA

Christina returns as one of the team’s best defensive stopper, and floor general. Much will be asked of Sunshine and she is ready to answer each and every call. Expect to see Dixon sparking her team to greatness through smart offensive decisions and tenacious defensive efforts. After a year adjusting to the level, Sunshine has demonstrated a willingness to compete and excel throughout her sophomore campaign. With her athleticism and experience, expect to see Dixon leading her team to great heights.

#14 Lelo Ramasotoga: Sophomore 5’6” Shooting Guard - St. Mary’s DSG High School - South Africa

This returning sophomore spent last adapting to the level of basketball played at in America. Lelo worked hard adjusting to the speed of our game and is ready to show how well she has adjusted. Lelo is playing well at the guard spot, as her shot is improved and her speed even more so. She is quite ready to help the Renegades throughout her sophomore season. Given her improvements over-all, including strength-wise, Lelo should have a solid season.

#15 Mo’Nay Arterberry-Ray: Freshman 5’9” Forward - Emery High School - Emeryville, CA

Mo’Nay is fitting into the Renegade Family nicely. She is tough competitor, natural leader, and a superior athlete. Mo’Nay challenges herself to put forth her best effort each day she in the gym and the classroom. Always striving to do and be the best, this is what everyone sees in Mo’Nay. Much will be expected from Mo’Nay, due to her many basketball gifts, strong physical stature, her athleticism, and her stellar character.

#20 Geneaya Rogers: Sophomore 5’7” Guard - Milpitas High School - Milpitas, CA

Geneaya has the potential to lead the state in many statistical categories, and an All Conference recognized player last season, Geneaya, if her knee prevails, is expected to lead the Renegades throughout this campaign. Nay spent the off-season working on her shooting range. This, of course, has molded Nay into a legitimate scoring threat from her 2-guard position. Reggie can score effectively score beyond the arch now and when one decides to take this away from her, she will prove even more effective driving by her defender. Reggie’s ability to dominate the perimeter makes her one of the Lady Renegades key weapons!

#22 Bradleigh Miller: Sophomore 5’8” Guard (Transfer) - Oakland Tech High School - Oakland, CA

Our true triple threat, Bradleigh! She has a great offensive and defensive skill set, with, along with a relentless pursuit of the rebound! So, what can’t this transfer do for the Renegades? Best guess, nothing! Brad has the ability to do it all and is destined to do so for the team this season. The staff, teammates and fans are all eager to see Brad’s basketball career continue unfold at OC! Given that Bradleigh is physically gifted and proving to work ambitiously in efforts to lead her new team to many victories!

#24 Casceal Swaggard: Sophomore 5’11” Forward - Oakland Tech High School - Oakland, CA

This All Conference returning forward is READY to further dominate the paint for the Renegades! One of the strongest players at the 2-year level, Windex will prove to be a force in the paint and on the glass! CC is the returning player with the most experience and achieved accolades. It is expected that she will garner even more throughout this, her sophomore campaign. Look out Coast Conference, one of the most feared forwards is back and more hungry and eager than last year!

#25 Whitne’ Blackburn: Freshman 5’11” Forward - West Valley High School - Fairbanks, AK

Arguably the team’s most athletic post player. Certainly she is showing early signs of living up to this claim. Whitne’ has been working diligently to learn the college basketball game and making the best basketball on-court decisions. Her basketball IQ is growing everyday, thus making her a dominant weapon both on defense and offense. Whitne’ is fast, strong, and determined. Given these traits, she will be a significant weapon for the team. She has a good mid-range shot, but one may argue that her drive to the bucket is even more deadly. With that, indeed, Whitne’ will have a great year for the Renegades!

#33 Elise Spain: Freshman 5’11” Forward - Newark Memorial High School - Newark, CA

All Conference potential. This freshman is as strong as they come. She has more basketball skills than most at this level and is fully expected to utilize her many talents for her Renegade team this season. A very athletic and strong post player, Elise will prove difficult to stop. Elise has a great mid-range game, but excels just as well down low. Given her strong stature, Elise will be asked to defend tough opponents in the paint and dominate on the glass. Greatness awaits this rookie!

#50 Markiell Styles: Freshman 6’3” Center - Skyline High School - Oakland, CA

Markiell is a very strong and physical post player. Down low, Markiell is difficult to stop. The Renegades will look often to Markiell to score inside the paint. Markiell has worked on her consistency and conditioning, which is great for her run and gun team, BUT NOT so great for Renegade opponents. With her physical, yet finesse play, coupled with her size and mobility, Markiell will help Ohlone compete with anyone. Markiell is competitive and very ready to make big noise on the college scene!

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