2009-2010 Team Roster - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Basketball

2009-2010 Ohlone College Renedages Women's Basketball Team. #30 Jennifer Torrecillas #4 Amanda Encelan #22 Beatrice Conejero #20 Ganeaya Rogers #25 Crystal McLaughlin #24 Elisa Spain #3 Jeanelle Bonifacio #10 Jazmine Duenas #21 Krysta Lajander #2 Ashley Valenzuela #00 Jasmine Rubin Back row left to right: Janou Rubin, Jennifer Torrecillas, Ganeaya Rogers, Julia Allender, Crystal McLauglin, Elise Spain, Ron Rossi. Front: Amanda Encelan, Beatrice Conejero, Jeanelle Bonifacio, Jazmine Duenas, Krysta LaJander, Ashley Valenzuela, Jasmine Rubin. —Photo by Donald Jedlovec.
2009-2010 Women's Basketball Roster
No. Player Name Year Height High School
00 Jasmine Rubin So 5′9″ James Logan High School
2 Ashley Valenzuela So 5′7″ James Logan High School
3 Jeanelle Bonifacio Fr 5′5″ Independence High School
4 Amanda Encelan RS So 5′6″ Moreau Catholic High School
10 Jazmine Duenas Fr 5′5″ Hayward High
20 Ganeaya Rogers So 5′8″ Milpitas High School
21 Krysta Lajander So 5′5″ Irvington High School
22 Beatrice Conejero Fr 5′5″ Leigh High School
24 Elise Spain RS Fr 5′10″ Newark Memorial High School
25 Crystal McLaughlin RS Fr 5′8″ Redwood Christian High School
30 Jennifer Torrecillas Fr 5′9″ Leigh High School


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