2017 Coaches and Staff - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Soccer


  • Larry Heslin
    Head Coach
    (510) 979-7961

  • Nate Failing
    Assistant Coach

  • Tiffany Harrison
    Assistant Coach

  • David Cordova
    Assistant Coach

  • Cesar Olivas
    Assistant Coach

  • Rachael San Filippo
    Assistant Athletic Trainer

Athletics Staff

  • Maria Rocha
    Executive Assistant (Kinesiology, Athletics)
    (510) 659-6044
    Fax (510) 659-6041
    Room 9303, Building 9, third floor, Fremont campus

Ohlone College Athletics email: athletics@ohlone.edu.

Colors and Mascot

  • Colors: Forest Green and Gold
  • Mascot: Renegades

Ohlone College Renegades Soccer.

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