43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539

Regular Meeting, January 22, 2003

Room 1216

BOARD WORKSHOP: 6:00-7:00 P.M.

(President/Superintendent Search Firm Interviews)



Call to Order Time: ____

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Nardolillo ____Foster ____Archer ____

Brunton ____Yee ____Der Bing ____ Weed ____McMillin ____

CLOSED SESSION: Time: _______

1. Public Employee Appointments/Employments: Government Code Section 54957

· a.Approval of Employment: Theatre Operations Technical Assistant(A)

· b.Approval of Other Hourly Employees(A)

· c.Approval of Unpaid Family Medical Leave of Absence: Classified Employee(A)

· d.Approval of Evening Supervisor Assignment: Faculty(A)

2. Selection of President/Superintendent: Government Code Section 54957(b)(1)

a. Consideration of Appropriate Items (I)

3.Conference with Labor Negotiator: Government Code Section 54957.6

Meeting with District Staff (Hogue and Engeldinger) and/or Negotiator (Zampi)

RE: CSEA/UFO/SEIU/Negotiations/Settlement

a. Consideration of Appropriate Items (I) or (A)

4.Conference with Legal Counsel--Existing Litigation: Government Code Section 54956.9

a. Case name unspecified: Disclosure would jeopardize existing settlement negotiations. (I) or (A)

5. Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release: Government Code Section 54957

a. One Item: Classified Employee (I) or(A)

6. Student Suspension: Education Code Section 76031 a. Information on Appropriate Item (I)

7. Conference with Real Property Negotiator: Government Code Section 54956.8

a. Property: Hill above the campus: 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA 94539 (I)

b. Negotiating party: Floyd M. Hogue, Ph.D.

c. Under lease negotiations concerning terms and price

8. Public Employee Retirements/Resignations Government Code Section 54957

a. Resignation of Lab Technician: Computer Studies (A)


Report of Closed Session Items


9. Personnel Items

· a. Approval of Res. No. 24/02-03, Amendment to the Employment Contract for the (A)

Vice President, Instruction

· b. Approval of Res. No. 25/02-03, Amendment to the Employment Contract for the (A)

Vice President Student Services

· c. Approval of New Confidential Job Description: Executive Assistant, Business Services (A)

· d. Approval of Lateral Transfer: Executive Assistant, Provost, to Executive Assistant, (A)

Business Services

· e. Approval of Res. No. 20/02-03, Recognition of Ms. Donna Bartlett and Granting Emeritus Status (A)

· f. Approval of Res. No. 21/02-03, Recognition of Ms. Eleene Kraft and Granting Emeritus Status (A)

· g. Approval of Res. No. 22/02-03, Recognition of Ms. Phyllis Whiteman and Granting Emeritus (A)


· h. Approval of Res. No. 23/02-03, Recognition of Professor Kurt Viegelmann and Granting (A)

Emeritus Status

· 10. Approval of Accounts Payable Warrants (A)

· 11. Approval of Minutes, Board Meeting, January 8, 2003 (A)

· 12. Approval of Revisions to 2003 Conflict of Interest Code Biennial Review (Exhibit A) (A)

· 13. Ratification of Contract Education Agreement: Robb Group (A)

· 14. Ratification of Contract Education Agreement: Manex and Adjustments to the Budget (A)

· 15. Ratification of Contract Education Agreement: Nummi (2); Nancy’s Specialty Foods; Washington (A)

and Adjustments to the Budget

· 16. Acceptance of Sabbatical Leave Report for 2000-2001 (A)

· 17. Acceptance of Sabbatical Leave Reports for 2001-2002 (A)

· 18. Approval of General Education Plans A, B, and C as Proposed by the Course and Program (A)

Approval Committee

· 19. Authorization for the President/Superintendent to Sign Amendment of Contract with Alameda (A)

Social Services Agency Workforce and Human Services Department

Communications from the Audience


· 20. Approval of Campus Master Plan Contract with MBT Architects, Newark Center Ohlone College (A)

· 21. Approval of Architectural and Construction Administrative Services for Fremont Campus (A)

(Bond Projects)

· 22. Approval of Res. No. 26/02-03, Establishing a Nonresident Tuition Fee for Fiscal Year 2003-2004 (A)

· 23. Approval of the District Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2001-2002 (A)

· 24. State Budget Update (I)

· 25. Review 2002-2003 Budget Reduction Plan (I)

· 26. Approval of a Contract for Services with Search Firm for President/Superintendent (A)

· 27. Review of District Real Estate Leases: a) East Bay Regional Park District; b) Newark Unified (I) or (A)

School District

28. Discussion of Bond Issues (I) or (A)

· 29. Referrals for Future Board Agenda Items (I) or (A)

Items from Administrators, Faculty, Classified Senate, and Board

CLOSED SESSION: (If Required) Time: ______


· = See Attached Items

A = Action

I = Information

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Ohlone College will provide assistance and accommodation for access to activities and programs. Call 659-6200 for information and arrangements.

If it is anticipated that a large number of people plan to attend a Board Meeting, please call the President’s Office (659-6200) to make arrangements for an alternate meeting site.