Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539

Minutes of Board Meeting

January 8, 2003 APPROVED

Page 1 of 11 Pages January 22, 2003

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Dan Archer, President

Mrs. Ruthe Foster, Vice President

Mr. John H. Weed, Secretary

Mr. Bob Brunton

Mr. Bill McMilllin

Mr. Garrett Yee

Mr. Nick Nardolillo

Mr. Clifton Der Bing, Student Trustee


PRESENT: Dr. Floyd Hogue, President/Superintendent

Ms. Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Paulette Perfumo, Vice President, Educational Services/Deputy Superintendent

Mr. Lyle Engeldinger, Executive Dean of Human Resources


SENATE: Mr. Patrick Lane



OPEN MEETING: Mr. Archer called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Dr. Hogue led the pledge of allegiance.

The roll was called and all members were present.

Dr. Hogue advised that Items 1g and h were added to the Agenda and requested

Board's approval.

Motion Approved Moved/Foster/Seconded/Yee/Passed to add Items 1g and h to the Agenda.

A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0.

Report of Closed

Session Items:

CLOSED SESSION: Time: 7:15 p.m.


OPEN MEETING: Time: 8:07 p.m.

1. Public Employee Appointments/Employments: Government Code Section 54957

a. (Attachment 1) Approval of Employment: Educational Services Support II

b. (Attachment 2) Approval of Otherly Hourly Employees

c. (Attachment 3) Approval of Employment: Network Operations Manager

d. (Attachment 4) Approval of Employment: Theater Operations Technical Assistant

e. (Attachment 5) Approval of Employment: Administrative Assistant

f. (Attachment 6) Approval of Unpaid Family Medical Leave of Absence: Instructor

g. (Attachment 7) Approval of Employment: Public Information Officer

h. (Attachment 8) Approval of Employment: Advertising Specialist

Motion Approved Moved/Foster/Seconded/Weed/Passed to approve Items 1a, b, c, and f

through h. Items d and e were removed from the Agenda. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer.

Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0.

2. Selection of President/Superintendent: Government Code Section 54957(b)(1)

The Board took no reportable action.

3. Conference with Labor Negotiator: Government Code Section 54957.6 Meeting with District Staff (Hogue and Engeldinger) and/or Negotiator (Zampi) RE: CSEA/UFO/SEIU/Negotiations/Settlement

a. The Board took no reportable action.

4. Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release: Government Code

Section 54957

a. The Board took no reportable action.

5. Public Employee Retirements/Resignations: Government Code Section 54957

a. (Attachment 9) Approval of Early Retirement: President/Superintendent

b. (Attachment 10) Approval of Early Retirement: Dean of Language Arts

c. (Attachment 11) Approval of Resignation: Chemistry Instructor

d. (Attachment 12) Approval of Retirement: Classified Employee

Motion Approved Moved/Nardolillo/Seconded/McMillin/Passed to approve Items 5a through d.

A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster,

McMillen, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0.




6. Personnel Items

a. (Attachment 13) Approval of Lateral Transfer: Bookstore Operations Coordinator to Bookstore

Textbook Coordinator

7. (Attachment 14) Approval of Accounts Payable and Payroll Warrants

Accounts Payable Warrants Issued: 57-024492 through 57-024954; Payroll Warrants Issued: 47-024737 through 47-025131; Payroll Warrants Voided:

47-024736, 47-024761, 47-024875, 47-025048, 47-025051, 47-025053,

47-025058, 47-025063, 47-025074, 47-025078, 47-025103

8. (Attachment 15) Approval of Minutes, Board Meeting, December 11, 2002

9. (Attachment 16) Approval of Resolution No. 16/02-03, Recognition of Ms. Marian Kass and

Granting Emeritus Status

10. (Attachment 17) Approval of Resolution No. 17/02-03, Recognition of Ms. Kathy Farley and Granting Emeritus Status

11. (Attachment 18) Approval of Resolution No. 18/02-03, Recognition of Ms. Kiyoko Penso and Granting Emeritus Status

12. (Attachment 19) Approval of Resolution No. 19/02-03, Recognition of Mr. Harley Radley and

Granting Emeritus Status

13. (Attachment 20) Approval of New Curriculum Recommendations: 2003-2004

Administration of Justice

AJ-150 POST Level III Park 2 - Laws of Arrest - Reserve Level III



ART-104C Color


BIOT-100 Biotechnology and Society

BIOT-121 Biotechnology Careers

Computer Applications and Office Technology:

CAOT-120 ESL and Basic Computer Skills (Part 1)

CAOT-121 ESL and Basic Computer Skills (Part 2)

Learning Skills Program:

LSP-101 Learning Skills - Reading and Writing

LSP-102 Learning Skills - Quantitative Reasoning

Motion Approved Moved/Foster/Seconded/Brunton/Passed to approve Items 6a through 13. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Foster, Archer, Yee. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: Mr. Weed, Mr. McMillin. Mr. Weed and Mr. McMillin

returned at 8:15 p.m.

Mr. Yee congratulated the following retirees who were granted Emeritus Status:

Ms. Marian Kass, Ms. Kathy Farley, Ms. Kiyoko Penso, and Mr. Harley Radley.

Dr. Hogue advised he would be flipping a coin to determine the seniority status between trustees Mr. Yee and Mr. McMillin. Dr. Hogue flipped a coin, and

Mr. Yee was assigned seniority status.

Communications from

the Audience Ms. Alex Starr, representative for the League of Woman Voters of Fremont, Newark, and Union City, read a list of four suggestions for the Board to consider: work closely with the public when going through the process of

hiring a President/Superintendent; monthly input from the Bond Advisory Committee; appoint a representative from Fremont with the group that is researching the Joint Use Library in Newark, and to appoint a sub-committee

to study numbered seats for the Board Election. The California League of Women Voters will be testifying in Sacramento on behalf of the Community College System.



14. (Attachment 21) Authorization to Enter Negotiations with Architectural Firms for the Ohlone

College Newark Center Project in Rank Order

Dr. Hogue indicated that the workshop for Architectural Firms was very informative. He advised that the pre-screening committee reviewed seventeen "Request for Qualification Submittals." The documentation was reviewed and reduced to five firms. Specific information on the firms' evaluations will be provided at the special Board Workshop related to the Ohlone College Newark Center Selection Process.

(Attachment 22) Ms. Walston distributed handouts to the Board and audience on the Agreement for Campus Master Planning and Architectural Services.

Motion Approved Moved/McMillin/Seconded/Foster/Passed to approve the negotiations with the firms in the following ranked order: 1) MBT Architecture, 2) Sugimura and Associates/tBP Architecture, 3) VBN/Boora/MIG, 4) EHDD Architecture, 5) Gensler. If negotiations cannot be finalized with the first ranked firm to the satisfaction of the President/Superintendent within 10 business days or during any reasonable amount of time beyond the 10 business days that the President/Superintendent deems necessary to conclude and finalize the negotiations, the President/Superintendent requests authorization to negotiate with the next ranked firm and to continue the process until a successful contract has been negotiated. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0. (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Der Bing).

24. (Attachment 23) Discussion of Bond Issues

Ms. Walston introduced Mr. Don Eichelberger, Stegeman and Kestner, Inc.,

and Mr. Simon Barros, Director, Facilities, to review and answer questions regarding the Bond issues. Mr. Barros distributed the Ohlone Global Short Interval Schedule.

Ms Walston reported that there was an information session that opened up the process for the Architect Selection for the Student Support Services building on

January 10 at the Smith Center. There were 109 individuals that attended which included 83 firms for the session. After the particulars of the RFQ/P were reviewed, there was a question and answer session that was recorded.

Ms. Walston indicated that Mr. Eichelberger and Mr. Barros led a walk-through of the campus related to where the building would be and to give the architects that participated the feel for the campus and some of the challenges of the building.

Dr. Hogue reported that a Town Hall Meeting will be held on February 19

at 6:30 p.m. for the meeting of Architects at the Newark Siliman Center.

Mr. Barros advised that staff will be seeking Board approval for the chosen Architect groups on January 22, and reviewed the list of upcoming scheduled events for the bond.

15. (Attachment 24) Approval of Tentative Agreement Between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 790, and the Ohlone Community College District

Mr. Engeldinger recommended ratification for the proposed Tentative Agreement between the SEIU and the Ohlone Community College District. The proposed one-year Agreement is for the period of July 1, 2003, through

June 30, 2004.

Motion Approved Moved/Foster/Seconded/Nardolillo/Passed to approve the proposed Tentative Agreement between the Ohlone Community College District and the SEIU Local 790 for the period July 1, 2003, through June 30, 2004. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0. (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Der Bing).

16. (Attachment 25) CCCT Board of Directors Election 2003

Mr. Weed stated that members are elected for the California Community College Trustees, and that the members represent all Community Colleges.

Mr. McMillin was nominated for the CCCT Board of Directors Election 2003.

Motion Approved Moved/Yee/Seconded/Nardolillo/Passed to approve the nomination of Mr. Bill McMillin for the CCCT Board of Directors Election 2003. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0. (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Der Bing).

17. (Attachment 26) Approval of Educational Services Reorganization Plan

Dr. Hogue expressed that since Dr. Perfumo has been selected as the President/Superintendent of the Solano Community College District, Ohlone College will need to reorganize Educational Services. Dr. Hogue recommended that the work duties of the Vice President, Educational Services/Deputy Superintendent, be accomplished by reducing the administration of Educational Services from one Vice President and two Provosts to two new Vice Presidents.

Motion Approved Moved/Foster/Seconded/Yee/Passed to approve the reorganization plan for Educational Services. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0. (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Der Bing).

18. (Attachment 27) Appointment of Representative to American Association of Community

Colleges (AACC)

Mr. Weed was nominated as the AACC representative.

19. (Attachment 28) Appointment of Representative to Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT)

Mr. Yee was nominated as the ACCT representative.

20. (Attachment 29) Appointment of Representative to California Community College Trustees


Mr. Brunton was nominated as the CCCT representative.

21. (Attachment 30) Appointment of Representative to Alameda County School Boards Association (ACSBA)

Mr. McMillin was nominated as the ACSBA representative, and

Mr. Nardolillo as the alternative representative.

22. (Attachment 31) Appointment of Representative to Ohlone College Foundation

Mr. Archer, Mr. Yee, and Mrs. Foster were nominated for the Ohlone College Foundation.

Motion Approved Moved/Nardolillo/Seconded/Weed/Passed to approve the appointments for Items 18 through 22. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0. (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Der Bing).

23. (Attachment 32) Approval of Meetings for the District Board of Trustees: January--December 2003

Dr. Hogue advised that meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month except the one meeting held on the second Wednesday in November and December. Special meetings are held on Wednesdays. There was discussion by the Trustees as to scheduling committee meetings, and Mr. Weed advised that he would do some research and discuss this issue at the next meeting.

Motion Approved Moved/Yee/Seconded/McMillin/Passed to approve the Meetings for the District Board of Trustees: January - December 2003. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Yee, Archer. Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0. (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Der Bing).

25. (Attachment 33) Referrals for Future Board Agenda Items

The Board discussed training for the new Trustees, and Dr. Hogue advised that when a workshop is not scheduled on an agenda, a trustee orientation will be scheduled prior to each Board meeting. A Trustee Orientation Workshop will also be scheduled on February 2-3 in Sacramento.

Mr. Yee suggested that the topic of numbered seats be scheduled during this calendar year.

26. Report on Conference: Board Members

Trustee's Brunton, Nardolillo, Weed, Yee, and McMillin attended the Community College League of California Conference on November 14-16,

2002. The Trustees gave an overview of the different sessions they attended and subjects discussed: consumer's expectations and spending; annual

report for Ohlone College; the level of education in high-tech; 50 percent law and areas of measured performance.

27. Selection of Search Firm (President/Superintendent)

Dr. Hogue advised that at the January 22 Board Meeting there will be a workshop to review the Selection of a Search Firm.

28. Consideration of Newark Joint Use Library Feasibility Study

Dr. Hogue indicated that the City of Newark will consider the Newark Joint Use Library Feasibility Study at their next meeting.

29. (Attachment 34) State Budget Update

Ms. Walston stated that the midyear reduction is at $1.4 million. She related that the Legislature's budget committees expect to commence work on the midyear cuts following the January 10 release of the 2003-04 Governor's Proposed Budget. Ms. Walston assured the Board that Management is in

consultation with the campus community and does plan to bring a midyear budget reduction plan for the Board's approval on January 22, 2003.

Ms. Walston remarked that time is of the essence and that next year's funding could be worse. She advised that some specialized funds such as scheduled maintenance would be rescinded in total, and instructional equipment funding would be totally eliminated, which would have a significant impact on the College.

Ms. Walston and Dr. Hogue will attend a budget workshop on January 14 in Sacramento. They will prepare a plan with the information they receive at the workshop and present it to the Board.

Items from

Administrators: Dr. Hogue expressed appreciation for Dr. Perfumo's leadership with the administration for the last 5 1/2 years. Dr. Perfumo has led many efforts with her involvement in Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Accreditation, and the

Program Review process.

Dr. Hogue met with the administration at Washington Hospital and advised that tonight the Hospital's Board will take action to provide a $300,000 a year grant for five years to Ohlone College to develop a Nursing Skills Lab at Washington West facility. He mentioned that this will allow the College to

add 11 students per semester to the nursing program. There is a massive

nursing shortage and many districts throughout the state have partnerships

with the hospitals to provide the funds to enlarge expensive programs.

Dr. Hogue indicated that enrollment is down for spring, but felt the numbers will increase as predicted earlier. He mentioned that classes have been cut in response to the $1.4 million budget cut.

Dr. Perfumo indicated that the lobby was full today with students registering

for classes for the Spring Semester.

Dr. Perfumo expressed that this will be her last full week at Ohlone College and that the faculty of Ohlone College is truly the finest and she will leave Ohlone with the fondest of memories. She will begin her new position as President/Superintendent at the Solano Community College in Fairfield. She also commended Dr. James Wright and Dr. Lisa Waits, who have been promoted to Vice President positions.

Ms. Walston wished Dr. Perfumo well in achieving the goal she has looked forward to for some time.

Items from Classified

Senate: Mr. Lane stated that on behalf of the Classified Senate, they all extend their best wishes and gratitude to Dr. Perfumo for her help in resurrecting the Classified Senate.

Mr. Lane announced that for the first time, the Classified Senate has a scheduled flex day event, and staff is invited to attend the shared governance workshop. The Senate is trying to bring the classified staff into more of an involved role in shared governance of the College on January 10, 2003.

Items from Faculty: Mr. Smedfjeld thanked Dr. Perfumo on behalf of the Faculty Senate for her guidance and support.

Items from the Board: Mr. Der Bing expressed that he would like to recognize and present an

achievement award to a student at each Board meeting beginning on

January 22. He also noted that the ASOC will celebrate Unity Week

sometime in April. The students will participate in peace, tolerance,

and unity.

Mr. DerBing wished Dr. Perfumo, on behalf of the ASOC Students of Ohlone College, a farewell, good-luck, and sincere thanks for her assistance and guidance.

Mr. Yee complimented the staff for updating the web-site and all the hard work that went in to updating all of the data and current information. Mr. Yee

recently visited Building 20 and was very impressed with all the new renovations. He also attended the SOAR and CSEA events.

Mr. McMillin thanked Dr. Perfumo for her interaction with the Measure A

Bond campaign and commended her for all her hard work with the campaign.

Mr. Nardolillo, Mr. Weed, and Mrs. Foster thanked Dr. Perfumo for her service with the College and wished her well at the Solano Community College.

Mr. Brunton congratulated Dr. Hogue and his staff for putting together the Architect Selection process. He also is looking forward to attending Unity Week and expressed how similar and diverse we all are. Mr. Brunton also expressed his appreciation to Dr. Perfumo and for their many frank conversations, and that her skills will shine at the president level.

Mrs. Foster urged the Board to attend the Community College events as

much as possible. She also mentioned that the Board sign up for the Alameda County School Boards Association dinner meeting on January 16 in Pleasanton.

Mr. Archer urged everyone to contribute to the foundation fund and show their financial support.

ADJOURNMENT: Time: 10:29 p.m.

John H. Weed