Newark Unified School District

Board Room

5715 Musick Avenue, Newark, CA 94560


Minutes of Special Board Meeting

September 17, 2003 APPROVED

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Dan Archer, President

Mrs. Ruthe Foster, Vice President

Mr. John H. Weed, Secretary

Mr. Bob Brunton

Mr. Bill McMillin

Mr. Garrett Yee



PRESENT: Dr. Douglas Treadway, President/Superintendent

Ms. Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Dr. James Wright, Vice President, Instruction

Dr. Lisa Waits, Vice President, Student Services



1. Tour of New Campus Site (Cherry Street)


The Board and members of the audience left to tour the New Campus Site (Cherry Street) at 6:15 p.m. and returned at 6:55 p.m.


Mr. Archer called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The roll was called and all members were present except Mr. Nardolillo,

Mrs. Foster, and Ms. Bui. Mrs. Foster arrived at 7:30 p.m.


Ms. Walston led the pledge of allegiance.


Dr. Treadway introduced Mr. Ralph Stern of School and College Legal Services of California who has been retained as legal counsel for the Districtís negotiations with the California School Employees Association (CSEA) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Mr. Stern gave a brief summary of his organizational affiliation. School and College Legal Services of California is a joint powers agency, which exclusively provides legal and

labor relation services to Community Colleges, public schools, and county office of education throughout California. Mr. Stern began with San Diego Community College District and San Diego City Schools in 1971 as general

counsel. He currently provides personnel and labor relations counsel for community colleges and K-12 Districts throughout the state and had the

pleasure of working with Dr. Treadway for six years at Shasta Community College District. Mr. Stern stated that his approach is to try to make labor relations a positive form of communication and to establish a positive working climate with the District employees.


2. Communications from the Audience




3. (Attachment 1) Master Planning Workshop for the Ohlone College Newark Center


Dr. Treadway presented an overhead presentation to assist the Board in reviewing and discussing potential revisions to the Newark Center Master Plan and to provide a thorough analysis of some of the background on the plan. Dr. Treadway explained the need to revise the plan based on careful analysis of current enrollment conditions, reductions in state funding, and changing economic trends. The revisions are in keeping with the requirements of the bond passed in March 2002.


Funding from the bond was intended to cover three major projects for Ohlone: upgrading facilities at the Fremont Campus, building a permanent Newark Campus, and building a Student Support Services Building on the Fremont Campus. Dr. Treadway expressed the need to integrate the planning for each of these projects rather than planning each project independently.


Dr. Treadway recommended several conceptual revisions to the Master Plan including full use by the District of the Newark site, rather than leasing out space for commercial uses; future development as a full-service campus with a science and technology emphasis; reduce the number of students to be served in Phase I; specify transition plan 2004-2007; specify partnerships with the City of Newark (Joint Library) and Washington Hospital (Health Clinic); design buildings to meet LEED Certification for environmental sustainability; consider several on-site energy generation projects; and modify site plan and preliminary design accordingly.


Following a discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that staff should present a proposal for revision of the Ohlone College Newark Center Master Plan to the Board at the September 24th meeting.


The presentation did not include any action items, and there will be further discussion and analysis before presenting the changes to the Board for a vote.


ADJOURNMENT: Time: 9:10 p.m.


John H. Weed