Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539


Minutes of Board Meeting

October 22, 2003 APPROVED

Page 1 of 6 Pages November 12, 2003


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Dan Archer, President

Mrs. Ruthe Foster, Vice President

Mr. John H. Weed, Secretary

Mr. Bob Brunton

Mr. Bill McMillin

Mr. Garrett Yee

Mr. Nick Nardolillo

Ms. Katherina Bui, Student Trustee



PRESENT: Dr. Douglas Treadway, President/Superintendent

Ms. Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Dr. James Wright, Vice President, Instruction

Dr. Lisa Waits, Vice President, Student Services

Mr. Lyle Engeldinger, Executive Dean of Human Resources



SENATE: Mr. Patrick Lane





OPEN MEETING: Mr. Archer called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.


The roll was called and all members were present except Mr. Yee. Mr. Yee was available by teleconference for Closed Session.


Dr. Treadway announced that Items 1, 2, 3, and 4 would be discussed during Closed Session.


CLOSED SESSION: Time: 6:07 p.m.



OPEN MEETING: Time: 7:02 p.m.



Mr. Nardolillo led the pledge of allegiance.


Report of Closed

Session Items:


1. Public Employee Appointments/Employments: Government Code

Section 54957

No action items were submitted.


2. Conference with Labor Negotiator: Government Code Section 54957.6

Meeting with District Staff (Treadway and Engeldinger) and/or Negotiator (Zampi and Stern) RE: CSEA /UFO/SEIU/Negotiations/Settlement


The Board took no reportable action.

3. Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release: Government Code

Section 54957

The Board took no reportable action.


4. Public Employee Retirements/Resignations: Government Code Section 54957


The Board took no reportable action.


Ceremonial Items:

(Attachment 1) Ms. Bui presented the “Student Member Recognition Award” to Ms. Yisha Yang Gao, recognizing her contributions to Ohlone College. Ms. Gao is serving as the InterClub Council Representative for the Asian Pacific American Student Association, the secretary of the InterClub Council, as well as the Representative at Large in the Associated Students of Ohlone College. She has received the Golden State Examination Academic Excellence Award for Geometry with Honors and the Leadership Excellence Award from ASOC.


Ms. Gao stated that she was very honored to receive the “Student Member Recognition Award” and thanked Ms. Bui and the Board for the recognition.


Communications from None

the Audience










5. (Attachment 2) Review of Master Plan Options for Ohlone College Newark Center


Dr. Treadway reported that since the Board authorized MBT Architects to prepare revisions to the Master Plan for the Ohlone College Newark Center, meetings were held with the architects and consultants, the College Facilities Task Force, Committee One of the Board, the Bond Oversight Committee, and officials of the City of Newark, Washington Hospital, and Kidango, Inc. He distributed and reviewed a document that included eight concepts on which staff needs direction from the Board before MBT proceeds with a revised Master Plan.

Dr. Treadway introduced Ms. Karen Cribbins-Kuklin from MBT Architects, who reviewed master plan proposals. Information presented by Ms. Cribbins-Kuklin and several members of the team included discussions on the following issues:

Identification and visibility High Density

Reducing the cost of development External Connections

of Phase I Ecosystem Approach

Utilization of existing entry Sustainability

Traffic control Landscape Features

Parking Future Expansion

Building Design Partnerships

Loop Road Integrated Educational Plan


Dr. Treadway noted that the Bond Oversight Committee passed a resolutionadvising the Board of their support in principle of the revised schemes A & B for the Newark Campus Master Plan presented by MBT Architects,and he suggested that Mr. Archer read the resolution and open the meeting up for Board discussion. Dr. Treadway advised the Board that the architects and staff need direction from the Board of a conceptual nature, and he referred to the document distributed earlier in the meeting, which listed eight items the College believes form the basis of the conceptual recommendation to the architects. He explained that this direction is also needed to work with the state and the city of Newark on the Joint Library plan.


Dr. Treadway recommended that the Board adopt the eight concepts, with any modifications they might require as to more specificity that has not been addressed, in order for the District to move forward and advise the architects accordingly.




There was a motion to approve adoption of the eight concepts by Mr. Brunton and seconded by Mrs. Foster.


Mr. Weed called for discussion to amend the motion to eliminate Items four and six pending further study. He requested a friendly amendment to the motion to adopt items one, two, three, five, seven, and eight, which

Mr. Brunton seconded and later rescinded. Following a lengthy discussion, and Ms. Cribbins-Kuklin noting the library would be located at 500 feet from Cherry Street in the 300-foot driveway concept plan rather than 400 feet from Cherry Street in the 200-foot driveway concept plan, Mr. Weed requested an amended motion to delete Items four and six with a note that the College place the library 500 feet back. Following further discussion, Mr. Weed amended the amended motion to delete Items four and six and adopt the plan with the driveway depth of 300 feet.


Motion Approved Moved/Weed/Seconded/Nardolillo/Passed to amend the motion to approve items one, two, three, five, seven and eight and identify the driveway depth of 300 feet. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed,

Foster, McMillin; Noes: 0; Abstain: Archer; Absent: Yee, (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Bui).


Motion Approved Moved/Brunton/Seconded/Foster/Passed to approve the amended motion to approve Items one, two, three, five, seven, and eight, and specify a three hundred foot driveway depth in Item two. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin; Noes: Nardolillo; Abstain: Archer; Absent: Yee, (Advisory Vote - Abstain: Bui).


The Board recessed at 9:40 p.m. and reconvened at 9:50 p.m.


Mr. Weed returned to the Board Table at 9:54 p.m.


6. (Attachment 3) Approval of the Agreement Between the California School Employees Association (CSEA) and the Ohlone Community College District


Dr. Treadway announced that the District reached an amended tentative agreement with CSEA and recommended the Board approve the contract.

Mr. Lane clarified that CSEA Chapter 490 has not ratified the amended contract, and Dr. Treadway explained that approval is subject to ratification.


Motion Approved Moved/Foster/Seconded/Nardolillo/Passed to approve the October 17, 2003, Tentative Agreement Between the Ohlone Community College District and the CSEA Chapter 490 for the period July 1, 2003, through June 30, 2006. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin; Archer, Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: Yee, (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Bui).


7. (Attachment 4) Approval of Contract Between PPV.llc: Public Private Ventures and the Ohlone Community College District


Dr. Treadway commented that the District previously awarded a contract to PPV.llc to provide an initial feasibility study of prospects for asset management on College property along Mission Boulevard. Since the College is embarking on integrated master planning on both sites, there is an interest in PPV.llc addressing the asset management opportunities on both properties and working with the team of the architects and construction consultants. Funds for this contract will be provided from bookstore reserves, not to exceed $55,000.


Motion Approved Moved/Nardolillo/Seconded/Foster/Passed to approve the contract between Public Private Ventures and Ohlone College for the six-month period between October 22, 2003, and April 22, 2004, at a cost not to exceed $55,000. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Foster, McMillin, Archer; Noes: 0; Abstain: Weed; Absent: Yee, (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Bui).


8. (Attachment 5) Board of Trustees


a. Evaluation of 2002-2003 Goals Attainment


b. Board of Trustees Annual Goals: 2003-2004


Motion Approved Moved/Nardolillo/Seconded/Weed/Passed to approve Items 8a and 8b. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster, McMillin, Archer; Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: Yee, (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Bui).


9. Consideration of Bond Oversight Committee Quarterly Report


Item removed from the agenda.


Items from

Administrators: Dr. Waits stated that the College held a very successful Transfer Day on campus yesterday, with approximately 1,500 students attending. In addition, last night was College Night at American High School and was also well attended.


Dr. Waits announced that the Spring 2004 class schedule is available on the web site, and hard copies will be on campus next week.

Items from Faculty Mr. Smedfjeld mentioned that a group of faculty will be attending a conference in San Francisco on November 7 to study student learning outcomes and how they can be incorporated at the different levels of the campus.



Items from Classified

Senate: None


Items from the Board: Ms. Bui noted that the October 11 Models for Success, Leadership Conference held on campus was an excellent event with very positive comments from other colleges in attendance.

Mr. McMillin advised that developing a larger, more active Alumni Association with its own web site should be part of one of the Board goals.


Mr. Nardolillo suggested Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a potential partner for the College, noting their support of some of the local high schools and Las Positas College, and offered his assistance in developing the partnership.


Mr. Nardolillo proposed that when there is extensive information to discuss regarding critical issues on the agenda a workshop rather than the committee structure would avoid confusion.


(Attachment 6) Mr. Weed distributed an article relating to how to take care of the challenging students. He stated that, in the interest of students, the College should look at a rationale program to access the students’ capabilities and place them into the right level at the College.


Mrs. Foster announced the first play of the semester, Dracula, opening

October 24.


Mr. Archer added that a special preview of Dracula would be held Thursday, October 23 at 8:00 p.m., with a reception from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.




ADJOURNMENT: Time: 10:14 p.m.




John H. Weed