Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539


Minutes of Board Meeting

October 29, 2003 APPROVED

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Dan Archer, President

Mrs. Ruthe Foster, Vice President

Mr. John H. Weed, Secretary

Mr. Bob Brunton

Mr. Bill McMillin

Mr. Garrett Yee

Mr. Nick Nardolillo



PRESENT: Dr. Douglas Treadway, President/Superintendent

Ms. Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Dr. James Wright, Vice President, Instruction

Dr. Lisa Waits, Vice President, Student Services








OPEN MEETING: Mr. Archer called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


The roll was called and all members were present except Ms. Bui, who was excused from the meeting.


Dr. Treadway announced that during closed session the Board would consider the terms of the proposed lease of College property for the development of the Joint Library with the City of Newark. The administration is requesting that the Board give direction regarding negotiations on the terms of the leasefor theJoint Library.


CLOSED SESSION: Time: 6:04 p.m.




OPEN MEETING: Time: 7:30 p.m.


Mr. Weed led the pledge of allegiance.

Report of Closed

Session Items:


1. Conference with Real Property Negotiators: Government Code Section 54954.5(b)

The Board took no reportable action.


2. Comments from the Public on Agenda Item 3 Only


Dr. Shirley Peck, Dean of Learning Resources and Instructional Technology, addressed the Board as a representative of the Joint Library Core Committee and the Ohlone College Library staff. Dr. Peck addressed two issues regarding the Joint Library. First, was the concept itself, noting this is part of Dr. Treadway’s idea for an integrated plan for the Ohlone College Newark Center. She stated that many hours have been spent in an effort to integrate the missions of the Ohlone College library, the public library, and the Newark Unified School District. She related that the Joint Library would be an asset for the College’s students and faculty, with more books, materials, space, staff with special expertise, and more resources in general. The second issue was the location of the Joint Library on the site. Dr. Peck commented that the need for the Library to be accessible and visible has been a strong focus of the core committee.


Dr. Peck remarked that on March 12, 2003, the Board voted to approve the Joint Library Memorandum of Understanding which specifically stated that this library should be visible and accessible to the community, as close as possible to the high school, accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, adjacent to other community service facilities, and as close as possible to public transportation.


3. (Attachment 1) Consideration of Board Action of October 22, 2003: Master Plan Revisions for the Ohlone College Newark Center


Mr. Yee introduced the item to reconsider the results of the October 22, 2003, Board meeting with respect to the Master Plan. Mr. Yee stated that he believes the intentions of all participants involved were good and genuine to provide the best possible outcome. He also believes the Board desires to work with the City of Newark on a Joint Use Library and to secure the possibility of an application for Prop 14 funds.

Mr. Yee made a motion to approve the eight planning principles as originally presented to the Board at the meeting of October 22, 2003, and Mr. Brunton seconded the motion. A handout of the original eight principles was distributed for reference and discussion. Several issues were discussed by the Board including visibility and identity, partnerships, timing, location, driveway depth, parking, future expansion, flexibility to meet future demands, traffic criteria, commercial uses, and revision of the Educational Master Plan.


Dr. Treadway clarified that based on tonight's motion, it is the College’s understanding that the District will work with the partners and architects to provide a workshop for the Board regarding the next level of detail and specification. Part of the negotiating process with the City of Newark and with Washington Hospital will provide for the specification of their sites as to the exact recommended location or options with their consent and consideration.


Motion Approved Moved/Yee/Seconded/Brunton/Passed to approve the eight planning principles as originally presented to the Board at the meeting of October 22, 2003. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Nardolillo. Brunton, Weed, Foster, Yee, McMillin; Archer Noes: 0; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0.




ADJOURNMENT: Time: 8:20 p.m.




John H. Weed