Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539


Minutes of Board Meeting

February 11, 2004                                                APPROVED

Page 1 of 5 Pages                                    Board Approved 7/14/04



MEMBERS PRESENT:            Mrs.Ruthe Foster, President

                     Mr.        John H. Weed, Vice President

                     Mr. Bob Brunton, Secretary

                         Mr.            Bill McMillin

                         Mr.            Garrett Yee

                         Mr. Nick Nardolillo

                         Ms.            Katherina Bui, Student Trustee



PRESENT:   Dr.   Douglas Treadway, President/Superintendent

                Ms.   Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

                Dr.   James Wright, Vice President, Instruction

                Dr.   Lisa Waits, Vice President, Student Services

                Mr.   Lyle Engeldinger, Executive Dean of Human Resources


COLLEGE COUNCIL:   Mr. Dennis Keller



             SENATE:            Mr. Patrick Lane


FACULTY SENATE:            Mr. Rob Smedfjeld


OPEN MEETING:   Mrs. Foster called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


                The roll was called and all members were present except Mr. Dan Archer.


                Mrs. Foster led the pledge of allegiance.  


                Mrs. Foster announced that during Closed Session, the Board would be discussing Items 1 and 2.


CLOSED SESSION:                  Time:      6:32 p.m.


1.     Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release:  Government Code Section 54957


        The Board took no reportable action.



2.         Conference with Legal Counsel—Existing Litigation:  Government Code Section 54956.9


  Carl v. Coast Community College District, et al. (Ohlone CCD)

  One Case


The Board took no reportable action.


RETURN TO OPEN MEETING  Time:  7:00 p.m.




3.  Personnel Items


a.  (Attachment 1)    Approval of Employment:  Executive Assistant to the President/Superintendent


b.  (Attachment 2)    Approval of Other Hourly Employees


c.  (Attachment 3)    Approval of New Classified Job Classification:  Computer Studies Learning                  Center Coordinator


d.  (Attachment 4)    Approval of Revised Classified Management Job Description:  Research and

              Planning Internship to Student Services Intern


e.  (Attachment 5)    Approval of Addendum to Spring Semester 2004 Instructor List


4.   (Attachment 6Approval of Accounts Payable and Payroll Warrants


5.                           Acceptance of Completion:  Gym Floor Replacement (Bond Project)

               (Mr. Brunton requested that this Item be removed from the Consent Calendar for discussion.)


6.   (Attachment 7)                     Approval of Surplus of Personal Property


7.   (Attachment 8)                         Approval of Acceptance of Change Order for Locker Replacement (Bond



8.   (Attachment 9)   Approval of Acceptance of Completion of Locker Replacement (Bond Project)


9.   (Attachment 10)Approval of Acceptance of Completion of Boiler Replacement—Smith Center


10.(Attachment 11)Approval of Acceptance of Completion for Audio/Visual Classroom and Lab

            Upgrades (Bond Project)


11.(Attachment 12)Award of Contract for Heat Pump Replacement:  Building 9


12.(Attachment 13)Amendment of Contract with Consolidated Engineering for Testing and

            Inspection of the Child Development Center


13.(Attachment 14)Approval of Resolution No. 12/03-04, Approval of Governing Board to Enter                    into Agreement with the California Department of Education for Child Care                      and Development Services for Instructional Materials


14.(Attachment 15)Ratification of Contract Education Agreements:  NUMMI; Borden Chemical,                  Inc., (3) and Adjustment to the Budget


15.(Attachment 16)Ratification of Agreements:  Carrie Christensen (2), and Ivy West Educational               Services


Motion Approved   Moved/Brunton/Seconded/Weed/Passed to approve Items 3a-3e, 4, and 6 through 15.  A roll call vote was taken:  Ayes:  McMillin, Yee, Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster; Noes:  0; Abstain:  0; Absent:  Archer; Advisory Vote – Ayes:  Bui


5.   (Attachment 17)      Acceptance of Completion:  Gym Floor Replacement (Bond Project)


               Mr. Brunton requested clarification on how the completed bond projects are being publicized to the community. 


Motion Approved   Moved/Brunton/Seconded/McMillin/Passed to approve Item 5.  A roll call vote was taken:  Ayes:  McMillin, Yee, Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster; Noes:  0; Abstain:  0; Absent:  Archer; Advisory Vote – Ayes:  Bui


Ceremonial Items                   Ms. Bui presented the “Student Member Recognition Award” to Mr. Johnny Anderson for his outstanding achievements at Ohlone College and for his service to the community.  Mr. Anderson expressed his appreciation for this award.


Communications from

the Audience   None





16.   (Attachment 18)     Approval of 2003-2004 Second Quarter Financial Report


Motion Approved  Moved/Nardolillo/Seconded/Yee/Passed to approve the 2003-2004 Second Quarter Financial Report.  A roll call vote was taken:  Ayes:  McMillin, Yee, Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster; Noes:  0; Abstain:  0; Absent:  Archer; Advisory Vote – Ayes:  Bui


17.(Attachment 19)      Authorization to Increase 2004-2005 Parking Permit Fees Effective Summer Session



Following a lengthy discussion, Mr. Weed encouraged staff and faculty to examine alternatives to the present parking policy, which would need to be approved by the students.


Motion Approved  Moved/Nardolillo/Seconded/McMillin/Passed authorization of an increase in semester parking fees for vehicles other than motorcycles from $25 to $26 and an increase in daily parking permits from $1.50 to $2, effective Summer Session 2004.  A roll call vote was taken:  Ayes:  McMillin, Yee, Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed, Foster; Noes:  0; Abstain:  0; Absent:  Archer; Advisory Vote – Ayes:  Bui


Items from Administrators


               Dr. Treadway stated that he has been working on a proposal for a Title III Federal Higher Education Grant in conjunction with Faculty Senate, Classified Senate, College Council, and various campus groups.


               Dr. Treadway referred to the Planning Symposium on January 30 with more than 300 participants.  The many proposed ideas are being collated and a report will be prepared.  A Community Symposium is also being planned to follow the format of the Foundation’s Roundtable Breakfast Forum.


               Ms. Walston presented a Budget Task Force update, and she encouraged the Board to visit the Budget Task Force website.  She noted that the Task Force is in the process of researching, reviewing, and planning for ways to cut the District’s 2004-2005 budget.  She also advised that a workshop on the concept of the Fremont Campus Master Plan is scheduled for the February 25 Board meeting.


               Dr. Wright stated that staff is in the process of completing the summer and fall schedule, with a plan of building a 2 percent growth into the fall schedule.  A strategy being implemented is to discontinue offering evening classes at the MacGregor site and in its place, offer 30 evening sections at Newark Memorial High School.


               Dr. Waits noted that 190 people attended the “College Goal Sunday” hosted by Ohlone College on February 12, 2004.  The event was a free financial aid workshop for high school seniors and their parents.


               Mr. Lane, Mr. Keller, Mr. Smedfjeld, and Ms. Bui expressed enthusiasm for the successful symposium noting that it was well organized and that the exchange of positive ideas among faculty, staff, and the administration was very exciting.


Items from Board

               Mr. Yee recommended that Proposition 57 be discussed at a Board meeting. 

               Mr. Weed suggested that Board operations and procedures, including the principle of stewardship, be discussed at Board workshops.  Mr. Weed encouraged Board and staff to attend the League for Innovation’s International Conference scheduled at the San Francisco Hilton, February 29--March 3.  Mr. Brunton noted that a Master Schedule of upcoming events would be helpful, and he suggested that Proposition 58 also be discussed at a Board meeting.


ADJOURNMENT:  Time:  9:23 p.m.






                         Bob Brunton