43600 Mission Boulevard Fremont, CA 94539

Meeting Location: Child Development Center (Fremont Main Campus)



Minutes of Board Meeting

December 15, 2004 APPROVED

Page 1 of 2 Pages Board Approved on 1/12/05


Members Present: Mr. John H. Weed, President

Mr. Bob Brunton, Vice President

Mr. Nick Nardolillo, Secretary

Mr. Garrett Yee

Mr. Bill McMillin

Mr. Dan Archer

Mrs. Ruthe Foster

Ms. Rosary Cordova, Student Trustee


Management Present: Dr. Douglas Treadway, President/Superintendent

Ms. Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Dr. James Wright, Vice President, Instruction


College Council: Mr. Dennis Keller


Classified Senate: Mr. Patrick Lane


Faculty Senate: Ms. Barbara Tull


Open Meeting: Mr. Weed called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. The roll was called and all members were present.



Communications from

the Public None



Agenda Modifications None



Regular Agenda Items


1. (No Attachment) Swearing in of Board Members

Dr. Treadway administered the oath to re-elected Board Members Mr. Robert Brunton, Nick Nardolillo and Dan Archer.


2. (Attachment 2) Discussion of Fremont Campus Master Plan

Informational item.


3. (No attachment) Discussion of Mission Boulevard Frontage Development

Informational item.


4. (No attachment) Discussion of Surplus Property on Hillside of Fremont Campus

Informational item.


5. (Attachment 5) Consideration of Newark Center Project Mitigation Options Related to Borrowing Owls


Motion Approved Moved/Brunton/Seconded/Archer/Passed to approve Dr. Treadway’s recommendation to grant him the authority to enter into contract negotiations not to exceed $360,000.00 with the appropriate agencies and/or entities to effect the most appropriate mitigation measure related to burrowing owls at the Newark Center Project site. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes: Foster, Archer, Yee, Nardolillo, Brunton, Weed; Noes: McMillin; Abstain: 0; Absent: 0; (Advisory Vote - Ayes: Cordova).


Adjournment: Time: 10:35 p.m.



Nick Nardolillo