BP 4020 Program and Curriculum Development - Board Policies, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • Reference: Education Code Section 70901(b), 70902(b); 78016; Title 5, Section 51000, 51022, 55100, 55130, 55150
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Amended: 2/10/10

The programs and curricula of the District shall be of high quality, relevant to community and student needs, and evaluated regularly to ensure quality and currency. To that end, the President/Superintendent shall establish procedures for the development and review of all curricular offerings, including their establishment, modification or discontinuance.

Furthermore, these procedures shall include:

  • appropriate involvement of the faculty and Academic Senate in all processes;
  • regular review and justification of programs and course descriptions;
  • opportunities for training for persons involved in aspects of curriculum development.
  • consideration of job market and other related information for vocational and occupational programs.

All new programs and program deletions shall be approved by the Board.

All new programs shall be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor for the California Community Colleges for approval as required.

Existing program or course modifications shall be approved by the President/Superintendent.

Individual degree-applicable credit courses offered as part of a permitted education program shall be approved by the Board. Non degree-applicable credit and degree-applicable courses that are not part of an existing approved program satisfy the conditions authorized by Title 5 regulations and shall be approved by the Board.

See Administrative Procedure #4020.