Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens' Oversight Committee

July 1, 2002

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MEMBERS PRESENT:            James Griffin

                         Louis Willett

                         Kenneth Ballard

                         Pat Danielson

                         John Copley

                         Yelena Abubekerova

                         Dan Chang

                         Leo Hinkel

                         James Laub




PRESENT:            Dr. Paulette Perfumo, V.P. Educational Services

                         Deanna Walston, V.P. Business Services                                               


OPEN MEETING:            The meeting was called to order by John Copley at 6:35 p.m.


                         The pledge of allegiance was led by John Copley.

                         All members were present except Arthur Geen, Emily Sawyer, George Mathieson



from the Audience            None






1.                  Approval of Minutes from June 3, 2002 meeting.

                            Minutes approved.


2.                  Approval of Meeting Agenda

Agenda approved.


3.                  Update on the progress of reviewing RFP's for Project Management

Marian Castaneda, Director of Purchasing, Contract Administration and Auxiliary Services, distributed a revised form of the RFP.  She explained that the range of proposals/costs that had been received from the previous invitation for an RFP was so broad and varied, that comparison  of provisions and costs wasn't possible.  Therefore, the committee reviewing the RFP's that were received determined that an RFP with a reduced scope was needed.  Marian pointed out revisions in the document and noted that estimated hours for staff are requested. 


There was concern about the continued reliability of the person(s) assigned to projects, and Deanna stated that those involved (including alternates) would be required in attendance at the company's interview.  She also reminded the committee that there can be delays that are not controllable in a project, such as the office of State Architect taking a lengthy period of time to approve plans.  There was discussion and clarification of the responsibilities of facility management.


Revised dates for the amended RFP's are as follows:  1) Deadline for receipt of RFP will be     July 11, 2002; 2) Review by the Selection Committee July 15 and 16; 3) Interviews on July 22, 2002.


4.                  Update on the Sale and Closing of the Series A Bond Issuance

                        Deanna provided wiring instructions for the sale of Series A.  The instructions also provided cost information in connection with the issuance.  According to a review of bond counsel costs, this firm will be repaying the District $12,500.00, because of an estimated cost for their work.  Deanna noted that this amount must be deposited in the Debt Service Fund.



5.                  Update on the Closing of the Land Purchase

The Chicago Title Company's Settlement Statement was distributed to the Committee.  The statement defines sale price, prorations and adjustments, and related fees.  At this time, Mr. Laub questioned the necessity of conducting a complete environmental study of the site.  He asked that the District review possible alternatives.  Mr. Copley suggested that a new sign should identify the Newark parcel as being the future home of Newark Ohlone.


6.                  Financial Update

                        The Committee received fund descriptions for recently created Fund 42 and Fund 54.  They were also provided a copy of the Board Resolution which approved reimbursement of certain expenses associated with the election.  Asked about payouts to date, Deanna informed the Committee that payments so far have been $23,561,349.00 for the land purchase plus $166,000.00 in related costs.


             7.        Other

                        Chairman Copley asked for suggestions for agenda items for the next meeting of the Committee, which will occur on August 5, 2002.  Deanna will provide a financial update, and there will be a report on the RFP for Project Management.    


The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 P.M.