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Room 1216

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Minutes of Citizens' Oversight Committee

August 5, 2002

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MEMBERS PRESENT:            James Griffin

                         Kenneth Ballard

                         Pat Danielson

                         John Copley

                         Yelena Abubekerova

                         Dan Chang

                         Leo Hinkel

                         James Laub

                         Emily Sawyer

                         George Mathiesen



PRESENT:            Dr. Paulette Perfumo, V.P. Educational Services

                         Deanna Walston, V.P. Business Services                                               


OPEN MEETING:            The meeting was called to order by John Copley at 6:35 p.m.


                         The pledge of allegiance was led by John Copley.

                         All members were present except Arthur Geen and Louis Willett



from the Audience            None






1.                  Approval of Minutes from July 1, 2002 meeting.

                            Minutes approved.


2.                  Approval of Meeting Agenda

Agenda approved.


3.                  Update on the progress of selection  for Project Management

Deanna Walston informed the committee that five firms had responded to the revised RFP. She noted that, of the five, the selection committee had tentatively chosen Stegeman and Kastner, Inc.

for further negotiation.  She also stated that the firm's references checked out well and that staff will go to the Board of Trustees for approval to negotiate with this firm at the Board meeting of August 14, 2002.


Ken, who has been serving on the selection committee, stated that he was impressed with the planning of the staff in the performance of this process.  Deanna added that a safeguard was built into the negotiations regarding possible change in the selected firm's staff assigned to our projects. Jim (also on the selection committee) explained the decision to repeat the original RFP with clearer definition and noted that Stegeman and Kastner were cheaper, but actually better prepared.


Deanna responded a question regarding approval date for the chosen planning and management services firm.  She expects the final approval to go to the Board in September.


4.                  Financial Update

                        Deanna provided a handout which listed actual expenditures for the planning and sale of the bond.  She indicated that this was a current activity report, but may be missing a few additional items, such as interest and legal advertising.  She was asked about the difference between the current report and that provided to the committee at the last meeting.  Deanna explained that the previous report was an escrow statement, and she explained costs on this report, reminding the committee that a refund is due from David Casnocha and Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth.


                        There was also a question regarding the invoice from the Chinese Journal Corporation, and the committee learned that ballots legally must be issued in Chinese, English and Spanish.


                        There was discussion of the actual cost of producing and handling the ballot form, which the Registrar of Voters bills as 83 cents per registered voter.


                        The question of the next series issuance was discussed.  The committee was informed that the whole issuance process used for the first issuance would be repeated.



5.                  Other: Suggestions for next meeting agenda

Leo questioned whether there was a need to meet in September.  In view of the information that there will be little to report until October, by which time a planning and management firm should have been selected, it was unanimously decided to approve the next meeting to be held in October.


Another item for discussion will be the continual absenteeism of one of the committee members and how to proceed on this matter.


             The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 P.M.