Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

October 7, 2002

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MEMBERS PRESENT:             Louis Willett

                          George Mathiesen

                          Pat Danielson

                          James Griffin

                          Dan Chang

                          Emily Sawyer

                          Jim Laub

                          Yelena Abubekerova

                          Leo Hinkel



PRESENT:            Dr. Floyd Hogue, President/Superintendent

                         Dr. Paulette Perfumo, Vice President, Educational Services/Deputy Superintendent

                         Ms. Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

                         Simon Barros, Director of Facilities

                         Mikelyn Stacey, Dean of Social Sciences, Newark Director

                         Joanne Schultz, Executive Dean of Financial Services




OPEN MEETING:            The meeting was called to order by  Pat Danielson at 6:35 p.m.


                         The pledge of allegiance was led by Pat Danielson



from the Audience            None





1.                Approval of Minutes from August 5, 2002 meeting.



2.                Approval of the Agenda.

Approved as presented.



3.                Introduction of Bond Planning Management Firm

Don Eichelberger was introduced to the Committee.


4.                Approval of the Architect Selection Process

Don reviewed the schedule which was provided for the Committee.

He suggested that at least 60 responses are expected to the RFP being distributed.  He also discussed the proposed process for narrowing down the submittals.  The preliminary evaluation was discussed, and the efficiency of doing so.  Simon addressed the selection of those involved in the preliminary evaluations.  He pointed out that the Committee might want to be represented in this selection committee, but also noted that this person would need to be available on December 2, 10, and 12 for meetings.  In addition to the Selection Committee for the Newark Center and a similar committee for the Student Services Support project, he stated that there would also be a project committee for the two major projects, necessitating more representation from the Oversight Committee.  Simon also reviewed the handout of other immediate projects, three of which he noted as being critical.


The Committee was asked for volunteers to serve on the committees noted; Jim Laub volunteered to serve the on the architect selection committee of both major projects.  Dan Chang will serve as the committee member serving on the Newark Ohlone College Project Committee; Emily Sawyer will represent the Oversight Committee on the Project Committee for the Student Services Support Center; and Louis Willett will act as back-up for all of the above positions.


5.                Financial Update

The forms that will be used for tracking budget, contracts and cash flow were reviewed by Don for the Committee.  He stated that tracking of time on major projects could also be supported.  He remarked that this would be a living report, with continual changes.  Deanna referenced the audit report, which will be required annually.


6.                Introduction to the Bond Oversight Committee Website

The Home page of the site was projected for review.  The Committee members previewed the member list, the welcome page, and purpose page, and the source for agendas and minutes.  It was also noted that there is an e-mail address for the Oversight Committee, which will be checked frequently by Deanna or Donna.  The Committee members indicated that they did not want their personal addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses published.  The site will be available to the public when current revisions and corrections are completed.


7.                Discussion of Presentation to the Board of Trustees for the replacement of a committee member

Dr. Hogue discussed the Board of Trustees agenda item for October 9, 2002. The item addresses the nomination of Mr. Christopher Gray as the replacement representative for the County Taxpayers Association.


8.                Suggestions for the Next Agenda

Deanna suggested that the next meeting be delayed until December.  She stated that there would be little information to discuss until the background processes are completed.  The Committee agreed to set the next meeting for December 2, 2002.


             The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M.