Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

January 6, 2003

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MEMBERS PRESENT:            Pat Danielson, Ken Ballard, James Griffin, Dan Chang, Emily Sawyer, Jim Laub, George Mathiesen, Christopher Gray


MEMBERS ABSENT:            Louis Willett, Yelena Abubekerova, Leo Hinkel



PRESENT:            Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

                         Simon Barros, Joanne Schultz


OPEN MEETING:            The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:30 p.m.



from the Audience            None




1.               Introduction of New Members

A revised list of committee members was reviewed by the committee for correction to addresses, e-mail, etc.  A revised list will be e-mailed to everyone to test the list.


2.               Approval of Minutes from November 4, 2002 meeting.

The last sentence of Item 5 was questioned (a mention of a possible increase in assessment).  Deanna will research the question, and she will bring back an explanation or clarification to the next meeting.  The minutes were approved, with the exception of #5.


3.               Approval of the Agenda

Deanna mentioned that she had additional information to present on item 6, with the update on the architectural firm process.  The additional information is a revised short term schedule for projects. In the future, there will be an agenda item for “other” items.  The agenda was approved.


4.               Selection of Vice Chair Person

Kenneth Ballard volunteered. Dan Chang also stated that he would be willing to act in this position.  The committee voted in favor of Ken Ballard assuming the position of Vice Chair of the committee. There was a discussion concerning the length of the term for officers.  It was noted that the committee members had been appointed for two-year terms.  It was suggested that officers serve in their positions for one-year terms.


5.               Report on Facility Workshop

Deanna reported that the workshop was not helpful in providing guidelines for the committee.  There is no model to follow.


6.               Update on Architect Selection Process

Don Eichelberger handed out a revised timeline of planning for this process.  He discussed the broad experience of MBT, the firm to be recommended to the Board of Trustees.  He noted that negotiation time is short, since it is hoped that a contract can be submitted to the Board on January 22, 2003, for approval.  He also noted that it is necessary to define the scope of work in order to complete the negotiation of pricing.  Simon Barros reviewed the highlights of the timeline.  He responded to a question regarding the estimated time of gym floor completion by stating that the work is planned for immediately after graduation in May.  He stated that the A/V project encompasses 25-35 classrooms, depending on bid results.


7.               Review First Quarter Bond Report

Joanne Schultz reported on the creation of a project report that could be used by the District, Don and his firm, and for State reporting.  The use of the word “oversight” in the report was questioned as confusing.  The word will be changed to “administration.”  Any changes made to the report form will be made prior to the next presentation of the report to the Board.  Joanne also called attention to the method for showing the difference between bond total authorization amount and the remainder of funds from the current issuance.  She noted that every budget line item can be tracked.


8.               Update on Audit Requirements

Joanne told the committee that she will present a proposal from Gilbert Accountancy for the performance audit required of Prop. 39 bond spending.  There are questions about the actual requirements of such an audit.  At the next meeting, Joanne will share an audit report from a district with an earlier bond passage (November, 2001), if possible.  Then, the committee will discuss/decide on requirements they feel are necessary for the performance audit report.


9.               Consider Web Site Reporting Workshop

This topic will be on the next agenda, after further discussion about the site.




10.           Communications from Committee Members

Jim Griffin asked about OCNC schedule.  The schedule will probably be revised after architectural firm selection has been completed.   Chris Gray would like to tour the campus and the new site.  This will be arranged.  Jim Griffin also wondered when the committee will meet the approved architect.  This is expected to be in March, after a town meeting is conducted in February.


11.           Suggestions for future agenda items

1.      Clarification of the last sentence in (5) of the November 4, 2002 meeting notes

2.      Consideration of whether the committee should have by-laws

3.      Review of the purposes of the committee

4.      Information regarding a “performance audit”

5.      Consideration of a Web Site Reporting Workshop



           The meeting adjourned at 8:55 P.M.