Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

February 3, 2003

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MEMBERS PRESENT:            Pat Danielson, Ken Ballard, James Griffin, Dan Chang, Emily Sawyer, Jim Laub, George Mathiesen, Christopher Gray, Leo Hinkel


MEMBERS ABSENT:            Louis Willett, Yelena Abubekerova



PRESENT:            Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

                         Joanne Schultz, Executive Dean – Business Services, Floyd Hogue, President


OPEN MEETING:            The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:35 p.m.



from the Audience            None


Communications from

Committee Members            None




1.               Approval of Minutes from the January 6, 2003 Meeting

Approved by the Committee.


2.               Approval of Agenda

Approved as presented.


3.               Clarification of Sentence in #5 of November 4, 2002 minutes

Deanna discussed the two concepts in documentation she presented to the committee.  She noted that  the growth factor exists even in times of slow residential sales, due to the increase in value between the time homes are purchased and sold.  Dr. Hogue pointed out that the first payment was due to bond holders today, with the second payment due in August. 


4.               Update on Architectural Selection Process


Don Eichelberger stated that MBT, the architect selected for the OCNC project, is starting this week.  He also stated that the District has received 22 responses to our RFP for the Student Support Services building project.  The short list was determined earlier today.  Interviews will occur next Monday in Room 1216.  Deanna informed the committee that the Board of Trustees had chosen to have separate agreements for the work on the Master Plan and the work on the Newark Center.  She also reminded the committee that there will be a town hall meeting at the Silliman Center in Newark on February 19, 2003.  This meeting will give the community an opportunity to give input into the planning for the Newark Center project, and MBT will be present to hear the concerns.  Don explained that a number of agencies must be consulted with in the preparation of the site for building, and he discussed the plan for a joint-usage library and the cost sharing for this use.  Floyd stated that the plan is to build to accommodate 2500 FTEs.  He also noted that the site must be used explicitly for education during the life of the Bond.


Don also told the committee that the Master Plan was expected to be completed within approximately 5 months.  Deanna mentioned that the project committee member representing the oversight committee will be able to report back to the committee on the progress of the planning.  The report from planning meetings will be placed on the Oversight Committee meeting agendas.


5.               Review of the Purposes of the Committee

Deanna discussed reporting quarterly to the Board of Trustees, thereby publicizing the activities of the committee to the Board and the Public (via televised meeting).  Pat will report to the Board at the first meeting in March and quarterly thereafter. 


The committee discussed purposes of the committee as stated on the website page, and Chris suggested that we compile a brief outline of expectations, along with a regular update of where the committee is in regard to each of the goals. 


There was an extended discussion of whether committee members serving on subcommittees should actually participate in voting on actions of the subcommittee.  Jim advocated that the individual will be much more involved and questioning if actually participating in the outcome.  Others stated that the person involved should actively participate in the process, but not officially vote in the outcome.  The feeling that Public “perception” is extremely important resulted in a 5-4 determination by the committee that members serving on subcommittees will be Ex-Officio, and not a voting participant.


6.               Consideration of Presentation of a Quarterly Report to the Board of Trustees

This was discussed in (5), and Deanna offered to plan the reporting with Pat, along with input from Donna and Chris. 



7.               Consideration of By-Laws

Ken Ballard stated that the Fremont Unified School District Bond Oversight Committee is in the process of preparing by-laws, and he suggested that the committee review what Fremont has prepared to determine whether this committee might want to adopt any of the material.  After discussion, the decision was reached to have Ken distribute the documentation of the Fremont Committee, but not to consider further adoption of by-laws for this committee.


8.               Information on “Performance Audit” Requirements

Joanne told the committee that she has found no evidence that this type of audit would be any different than a regular “financial” audit. She also indicated that her research indicated no guidance as to requirements other than financial reporting.  She added that this audit must be conducted by an independent auditor, reporting directly to the Board of Trustees.  The committee can determine any further activity that they would want considered in the audit.  Joanne will present a proposal from Gilbert Accountancy for the performance audit required of Prop.39 bond spending. An example of an audit will be presented at the next meeting, and the committee will have the opportunity to consider further areas to be included.


9.               Consider Web Site Reporting Workshop

Suggested changes to the website were discussed, including the outline of purposes and progress suggested by Chris, and the addition of the constituency each committee member represents.


10.           Suggestions for future agenda items

1.      The website contents

2.      Review of the Second Quarter Bond Report

3.      Proposal from the District’s accountant for a “performance audit”

4.      Planning of report to the Board of Trustees



           The meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.