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Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

March 3, 2003

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MEMBERS PRESENT:       Pat Danielson, Ken Ballard, Dan Chang, Jim Laub, Christopher Gray, Louis Willett


MEMBERS ABSENT:          Yelena Abubekerova, James Griffin, Leo Hinkel, George Mathiesen, Emily Sawyer



PRESENT:                             Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

                                                Joanne Schultz, Executive Dean – Business Services, Floyd Hogue, President


OPEN MEETING:                 The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:40 p.m.



from the Audience                  None


Communications from

Committee Members             None




1.                                                               Approval of Minutes from the February 3, 2003 Meeting

Approved by the Committee.


2.                                                               Approval of Agenda

Approved as presented.


3.                                                               Introduction of MBT Architects for Master Planning                                          Don Eichelberger introduced the members of MBT, the architectural firm selected for the OCNC project, that were present at the meeting.  Stevens Williams, Kevin Conger, and Jessica Young discussed the history of the company and briefly described the team that would participate in master planning.  He stated that the firm has received lots of information and suggestions at the Town Hall Meeting in Newark, in discussions with staff and administration, and from  the Board of Trustees at its workshop.  Stevens emphasized that the key to staying on schedule and on budget is to get approvals/decisions in a timely manner.  He also defined the realm of the “site package section of the schedule, and the “Building Package” section, as well as the actual construction plan.  During the site package timeline, preparation will take place for the pad.  The building package timeline will concentrate on planning buildings.  The beginning of construction will overlap during the first two phases.


Don Eichelberger discussed the hazardous materials investigation, which has begun at the site.  He also mentioned the company currently situated as a neighbor to the site, Agilente, will be evacuating the site.  It was noted that this company must also be investigated for hazardous materials.


Deanna mentioned the user group meeting scheduled for Tuesday, and she pointed out that Dan Chang, representing the Oversight Committee at these meetings, will be reporting back to the Committee on information from the meetings. Don also told the committee that the Master Plan was expected to be completed within approximately 5 months.  Pat expressed concern about many of the ideas proposed at the Town Hall meeting because many of them would be viewed as outside the scope of the actual bond measure proposal.


4.                                                               Review of the Second Quarter Bond Report

Joanne provided a handout of the report, which was included in the Second Quarter Financial Report for the Board of Trustees.  She explained the design of the form, and discussed the activities in the report. There was a discussion of revising the headings to more clearly illustrate the budget, expenditures, and available balances.  The Committee discussed the use of State funding for deferred or scheduled maintenance when possible, to preserve bond money, where appropriate.  It was clearly stated that bond money will only be utilized for projects delineated in Measure A. 


5.                                                               Proposal from the District’s Accounting Firm for a Performance Audit

Joanne presented a proposal from Gilbert Accountancy, Inc., to do the bond independent performance audit.  She explained that this firm was selected to provide a proposal because the firm does our regular audits, which include the funds in the bond accounts.  She also pointed out, however, that a performance audit would include information not necessarily included in a regular financial audit.  Deanna confirmed that this audit must be paid for by the District, not from bond money.  Joanne stated that the proposed agreement would be for one year only because the process and content of this type of audit requires further evaluation and planning.  It was also noted that very few of the actual performance requirements normally reviewed have occurred.  Deanna discussed looking at project delivery methods and checking with counsel on variations.


6.                                                               Review and Consideration of Approval of a draft quarterly report to the Board of Trustees

Jim Laub suggested that from this date of the report forward, there should be included a statement of “emphasis on cost benefit analysis.”  It was decided to add a statement to the report which would require the comparison of cost, time, quality, cumulative costs in equipment, etc., and long term operating costs.  Don Eichelberger will provide reports to the Committee on a regular basis.  The draft report was approved by the Committee.  After Board of Trustee acceptance, the report will be added to the Committee’s website.


7.                                                               Review of Bond Resources as Applies to Library Services

A handout from the Bond Project Report was provided to indicate the square footage and cost allowed by the bond measure for a learning resources center.  There was concern about the District’s portion of the expense of a joint library as compared to the amount other agencies will provide.  Floyd responded that the burden that could be carried by the bond was clearly stated, and it will be our challenge to stay within those boundaries.  Several Committee members also expressed concern about drifting toward other uses beyond those of education, in areas of, and beyond, library usage. 


8.                                                               Suggestions for future agenda items

1.      Facility Condition Analysis (Assessment Report)

2.      Update from Don Eichelberger

3.      Discussion of Project Delivery Methods




           The meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.