Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

August 4, 2003

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MEMBERS PRESENT:            Ken Ballard, Dan Chang, Pat Danielson, James Griffin, Leo Hinkle, Jim Laub,

                         George Mathiesen, Emily Sawyer,


MEMBERS ABSENT:            Christopher Gray, Louis Willett



PRESENT:            Douglas Treadway, President/Superintendent

                         Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

                         Simon Barros, Director of Facilities


OPEN MEETING:            The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:37 p.m.

                         Pat Danielson led the pledge of allegiance.

                         A roll call vote was taken, and all members were present except Christopher Gray and Louis Willett.


                         The Committee members introduced themselves to Dr. Treadway and identified their representation on the Committee.



from the Audience            None



from Committee Members            JimLaubexpressed appreciation for receiving fiscal data from staff which provided an opportunity to review the data before the meeting.




1.                Approval of minutes from the June 2, 2003, Meeting



2.                Approval of the Agenda



3.                Introduction of Dr. Treadway to the Committee


Dr. Treadway stated that he is appreciative of the Bond Oversight Committee and their responsibilities.  He stated that he looks forward to working with the Committee on these exciting projects.  He advised that he has an open-door policy and would be happy to communicate with committee members any time they wish.


4.                Update on Student Representative to the Committee


Deanna advised that on August 13, 2003, the Board of Trustees of Ohlone College will appoint a new student representative to the Bond Oversight Committee.  Deanna noted that there might be a need for a second member to be appointed at a later date.


Pat stated that a letter had been sent to Yelena Abubekerova thanking her for her service on the committee.  Committee members discussed different options of terms for the student; Pat noted that since this is a mandated membership, it is important that the student representative attend the meetings.


5.                Appointment/Approval of Committee Secretary


George was nominated to act as Committee Secretary. 


Hinkel/Moved/Ballard/Seconded to close the nominations for Committee Secretary. 


George thanked the Committee for this appointment.


6.                Review of Website Posting Policy


Pat advised that this policy is still being worked on--item tabled until a future meeting.


7.                Report on User Group Meeting of June 12, 2003


Emily reported that on June 12, KMD had a kick-off meeting for the user groups.  The kick-off meeting was followed by individual user group meetings on June 12, June 19, and June 23.  The purpose of the meetings was to discuss the overall project with each of the groups and to discuss their suggestions and needs. 


The Student Health Center, Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Information Center, Lobby, Campus Activities, Associated Students of Ohlone College, Cafeteria, Student Study, and EOPS were areas addressed at the June 12 User Group meeting.


Facilities, Security, Building 9, and the Bookstore were addressed at the June 19 meeting, and groups which will be housed in the New Student Services Building were discussed at the June 23 meeting.


Emily noted that KMD will provide the Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) members with a summary report of these meetings.  Emily also distributed a list of the representatives for each of the user groups and their contact information.


Dan stated that all members of the BOC should be notified of all user group meetings.  Pat recommended that a system be established so that all members will be notified.  Doug noted that many meetings are being scheduled and that it would be difficult for the committee to attend all of the meetings.  It was reiterated that the BOC is to observe and not participate in decision-making.  Pat noted that the District’s BOC is probably one of the models and that we need to pay attention to the system in establishing a basic system so that we can do what we need to do when we need to do it.


Ken asked Pat to clarify the meaning of “observer.”  Pat explained that being an observer means the taking of notes and bringing the information back to the groups to share.  Doug pointed out that it is important for the Committee not to be perceived as trying to influence or move a group to certain positions. 


8.                Update on OCNC and Student Support Services Building—Highlights of the Adopted Master Plan


                          Deanna stated that Steven Williams and Joel Karr, MBT architects, were present

           to review the highlights of the adopted Master Plan.  Don Eichelberger was also

           present to respond to questions and concerns.  Steven asked the BOC committee members to individually identify a specific topic that is of particular interest to them.  Points of interest included participation, beautiful, creative campus, that the campus as a whole is inviting to students, a pick-up flavor of the Silliman Center, the evolution of the project, and student safety. 


           Steven noted that a good Master Plan is a conceptually simple idea, is resilient, and able to absorb information. 


           With the aid of transparencies and sketches, Steven presented an overview of the Master Plan concept.  Items discussed were parking, utilities, maintaining a biological environment (water area, wetlands), landscaping, and a cultural connection.  The three phases were also addressed:  Phase 1), Bond-funded construction; Phase 2) campus expansion; and Phase 3) future growth.  He noted that the primary charge of MBT is that of fiscal accountability. 


                                                                The consensus of the group is that the Master Plan is a very good plan.  Doug advised that our expectation is that there will be some amendments to the Master Plan.  Don stated that Deanna has done a wonderful job working to get the contracts in order.  Deanna stated that an agreement for residue cleanup is going to the Board on August 13, 2003, advising that we need to enter into a cleanup agreement to address the toxaphene issue on the Ohlone College Newark Site. 


                                                Don reported briefly on the two projects (OCNC and SSS Buildings), noting that the two projects are almost at identical positions and are on schedule.  Both architects have been authorized to start the architecture.  There may be minor changes, but the square footage remains the same. 


                                                He advised that both architects are on very aggressive schedules and the challenge is to make sure we have consensus on everything we are doing—a collaborative process.  He stated that they are waiting for the faculty to return from summer break to have full collaboration on the user groups.  Deanna noted that the president wants to be part of this process, and we will be revisiting the schedule.  Doug stated that down the road he sees his main task for the district is to create a more clear vision of the district and the points of interest.  Doug recommends a vision of something like an idea of a 24 X 7 regional magnet center for learning in at least a 30-mile radius –all day and night.


9.                Update on Status of Project Delivery Method


Deanna advised Jim Griffin that the concerns that he previously raised about the Project Delivery Method have been taken very seriously and that they have been factored into our RFP process planning.  The Board will be asked to approve the Construction Manager (CM) at Risk Project Delivery Method at their August 13 meeting.


10.            Suggestions for next Agenda


Fiscal Year Report on the bond (both bond manager and Ohlone financial staff) for period ending June 30, 2003


Website posting policy


Seating of new student representative


                          User Group meeting report (review schedule)


           Simon Barros will arrange a tour of gym at 6:00 p.m. to look at new floor and

           locker room.


Committee agreed to set the next meeting for October 6, 2003.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.