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Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

June 7, 2004

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OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:30 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance followed.



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1.                                                                 Approval of minutes from the April 5, 2004 Meeting

One error was noted. Minutes approved.


2.                                                                 Approval of the Agenda



3.                                                                 Review of 2002-2003 Financial Audit

Joanne Schultz reviewed the audit performed by the Gilbert Accountancy firm. She noted that the year reflected the first year of GASB34 requirements. She also discussed the capital assets (land - $23 Million), investments in assets, and the section of the audit which reflected management discussion and analysis. She stated that one issue had been detected in association with the Bond, and this issue has been resolved.


4.                                                                 Update on Newark Project: Schematic Design

Simon Barros reviewed the changes that occurred in design, such as hallways that are more open, restrooms and stairways more centralized and other suggested revisions. He informed the Committee that the next step is the preparation of design drawings. The price of steel was discussed, and, where possible, the use of reasonable alternatives. Curriculum planned for the Newark site was reviewed, and flexibility of classrooms and labs was discussed. Jim Laub asked about nano technology and learned that the curriculum has not been determined, although planned for. There was also a report that Fremont Bldg. 8 will be renovated for better science lab clustering, much like university level layout.


5.                                                                 Report on Newark User Group Meetings

This item was postponed.


6.                                                                 Update on Fremont Upper Campus

The Committee reviewed concepts provided for the upper Fremont campus. Discussion included relocation of the Student Support Services building, parking on the upper campus, and the development of the Main Street concept. They were informed that tiered parking on the upper campus would not involve building parking garages, but rather a second level of tiered parking. They also looked at an expanded library and the food court concept.


Findings of the 3DI study were discussed in connection with the condition of facilities on the campus, as opposed to State building standards. Upgrade and renovation are part of the bond plan for the Fremont campus. Dr. Treadway discussed the revision of the Master Plan and the distinction between projects funded by bond dollars and other sources. He also noted that expenditures are within the scope of the bond ballot language. Pat suggested reporting to the public that revisions from earlier planning show better utilization of bond money.

Dr. Treadway also stated that there will be public forums regarding project plans for the Fremont campus in October, November.


7.                                                                 Update on CM at Risk Selection Process

Don reviewed the definition/significance of using the CM at Risk method of building, and he informed the Committee that Turner Construction is the proposed contractor.


8.                                                                 Update on Fremont Campus Architect Selection

Don updated the Committee on the process of narrowing down firms for this selection. He stated that several of the firms were repeating from the selection process for the Newark site.


9.                                                                 Update on Committee Newsletter

This is still in progress, according to Pat. Suggestions from the Committee included adding the Newark address on the back page, including a picture of the new site, inserting a date on the front page, and providing direction to the Committee’s website.


10.                                                             Next Meeting Agenda Items

CM at Risk update

Architectural Selection

Budget Report

Seismic Studies

Change of meeting day