Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

August 2, 2004

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Danielson, Ken Ballard, Dan Chang, Jim Laub, Leo Hinkel, George Mathiesen, Kathy Vennemeyer


MEMBERS ABSENT: Christopher Gray, Frank Haas, Kathie Yang



PRESENT: Dr. Doug Treadway, President/Superintendent

Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Simon Barros, Director of Facilities


OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:35 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance followed.



from the Audience None




1.                                                                 Approval of minutes from the June 6, 2004 Meeting

Minutes were not available.


2.                                                                 Approval of the Agenda



3.                                                                 Review of Financial Report for Period Ending 6/30/04

Don Eichelberger reviewed the summary items on his quarterly report to the Committee. Adding a report in the future on earned interest on bond funds was discussed. Spending to date of bond dollars is $28,036.613, or 18.7% of the total. It was also noted that the Board of Trustees must approve reallocating any unspent contingency funds. Simon Barros will provide tours for the Committee as bond projects are completed.


4.                                                                 Update on CM at Risk

It was announced that Turner & Co. has been awarded the contract for construction. The Committee discussed the accountability of the Construction Manager at Risk as opposed to the District’s carrying of the liabilities.


5.                                                                 Update on Brownfields Grant

Deanna announced that the District has been approved to receive a $200,000 Federal grant to aid in the clean up of hazardous materials at the new center in Newark. Don suggested that there are as many as four possible cleanup options to be considered, and that the DTS must approve of the method used. It is currently estimated that approximately $925,000 is needed to complete the cleanup.


6.                                                                 Update on Newark Center Project

Don presented a graph on projections. He mentioned partnership issues and frontage design plans. He also noted that LEED commissioning is required, independent of the architect. He added that the next budget projections will better illustrate costs of architects, construction and staff. Steel prices must also be considered, with alternatives, considering LEED requirements.


7.                                                                 Update on Fremont Campus Architect Selection

The Committee learned that two architectural firms had been top choices. The District will proceed in negotiations with tBP if the Board of Trustees approves tBP at its August 11, 2004 meeting. It was noted that Steinberg was the alternate if an agreement cannot be reached with tBP.


8.                                                                 Report on Seismic Studies

Don discussed the significant findings of the studies and presented the full reports to those who wanted further information on the studies (Jim Laub and Dan Chang). The study conclusion was limited to the professional opinions, conclusions and recommendations of the engineering consultants as provided for in their scope of services. It was recommended that future assessment may be needed, depending on the project configuration.


9.                                                                 Review and Approval of Bond Oversight Committee Report

The Committee approved the report as presented. It will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for acceptance at their August 11, 2004 meeting. It was also decided that the report for the Oversight Committee will be prepared and presented for six month periods. Pat expressed the idea that this report should be presented to the Board by various Committee members, for better awareness of the Committee members and interchange of communication between the Committee and the Board of Trustees. Ken Ballard will present the report to the Aug. 11th meeting.


10.                                                             Committee Newsletter

It is presumed that this newsletter is in the printing process.


11.                                                             Agenda Items – Next Meeting

More information on the Newark Center site models