Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens Oversight Committee

December 6, 2004



MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Danielson, Ken Ballard, Dan Chang, Jim Laub, Leo Hinkel, George Mathiesen, Kathy Vennemeyer


MEMBERS ABSENT: Christopher Gray, Frank Haas, Kathie Yang



PRESENT: Dr. Doug Treadway, President/Superintendent

Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Simon Barros, Director of Facilities


OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:35 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance followed



from the Audience None



1.                 Approval of minutes from the June 7, 2004 Meeting

Minutes were not available.


-          Question raised regarding attendance. Was there a quorum? It was suggested that the June 7 sign-in sheet be located.

-          Regarding item #1 of the minutes, “one error was noted” but not described. Request to reference the tape recording for detail. If tape is not available, requested that other committee members check their notes and e-mail Deanna if anyone has info.

Minutes approved, pending clarifications and updates incorporated.


Approval of minutes from the August 2, 2004 Meeting

-          It was noted that Item #1 should read June 7th (not the 6th).

Minutes approved, assuming date correction before posting.

2.                 Agenda modifications: none

3.                 Review of Approved Newark Center Design/Budget/Schedule

Don Eichelberger presented revised floor plans, design drawings, and budget. Discussion followed, covering these topics:

-          Design development phase

-          Why the partnership with Washington Hospital fell through.

-          Cost escalation in construction materials.

-          Review of budget and scope. Building footprint adjusted to stay in budget.

-          Description of balanced frontage, efficient, tight design.

-          Description of adjustments to programs, classroom adjustments, etc.

-          Working drawings in progress – now in design development phase.

-          Technology, furniture, finishes are being developed.

-          Evaluating options re: mitigation of toxic soils.
Most economic solution is “capping”. Capping defined: take offended soil (top 9”) and bury under road, sidewalk, or bury under clean soil. Capping works, but there are pros and cons.

-          Issues: organic material under parking lot will, over time, result in rippling of pavement. Also, civil engineer is having a hard time finding places to relocate contaminated soil.

-          One final option: Scrape off top 9” and place on “back 40” of the Newark lot. Slightly more expensive initially. Till on a regular basis to maintain. The last use of sprays was 20 years ago – property purchased from Sun Microsystems. This issue was disclosed before purchase.

-          Sensitive site (schools, hospital, residential), school sites cleaned to residential standards. Health risk analysis.

-          DTSC requires a public meeting once an approach to solve is selected.

-          $200K of cost of clean up will be covered by grant.

-          Treadway – burrowing owls mitigation estimate $487.5K to purchase land bank, but not in budget.

-          Summary of EIR, including owls, wetlands, endangered plants, and Ohlone Indian artificats (search for evidence).

-          Review of OCNC “super summary schedule” (dated 11-29-04)

4.                 Report from Newark Center User Group Representative (Dan Chang)

-          Energy efficiency/landscape/exterior design.

-          Very impressed with solar energy/green building.

-          Payback analysis determined = 15 year payback re: solar.

-          Use and feedback system (no storage).

-          MBT inflation $8M / $5M reduced. September meeting to reduce bays.

-          Meeting today to select color scheme from two choices: blue scheme, yellow scheme.


5.                 Update on Fremont Campus Master Plan

-          Discussion of Main Street concept

-          Secondary effects: what happens when NWK opens? What happens when Student Services bldg opens? Tour of San Jose City College / meeting spaces & storage space. User group meetings, adjacencies, fine-tuning. Close to determining final footprint. Discussed disabled access. One year for drawings, 6 months for DSA, two months for bid process. Estimating that in early 2008, building comes on line.

-          ADA doors / February

-          Cameras in parking lots / February

-          TBP cost estimates for cost of projects that could be considered for Summer 2005 including:
>Exterior doors (30+ yrs old)
>Fremont campus face-lift
>Aging railings
>Leak repair
>Repair exterior
>Painting (summer ’05)
>Eucalyptus trees (removing 10-20 per year)

-          Funding for projects – will go to the Board of Trustees to release funding

-          $190K funding from the State is available for stairs (maintenance)

-          Discussion of auto-lock doors (new security hardware with programmable locks)


6.                 Website Committee
Review of brochure for Bond oversight.
Copies of brochure distributed to oversight committee members.

7.                 Consideration of Additional Bond Oversight Committee Member

-          Considering adding one more member to bond oversight committee (one applicant presented at this meeting).

-          Broader issue discussed: Consider recommending to the Board an increase in the size of the committee.

-          Concern expressed regarding the same people who are frequently absent. Proposal is to increase membership to maintain quorum and increase ease of holding meetings. No ability to take a motion today, just a recommendation to Board. Having a representative from the taxpayer group is one of the mandated positions. The student representative and taxpayer representative are both inconsistent with regard to attendance. Can the student have an alternate when classes interfere? There are only a couple of meetings per semester – alternate seems unnecessary.

-          Moved/Hinkel/Seconded/Ballard moved to recommend to the Board of Trustees an increase in Bond Oversight Committee membership by one.

-          Treadway suggested establishing a protocol for membership/attendance.

-          Comment that some members are on their last two-year term. Need to consider how next members will be selected.

-          Pat Danielson & Treadway to work together regarding protocol.

8.                 Agenda Items – Next Meeting

More information on the Newark Center site models
Next meeting: Monday, February 7, 2005 @ Child Development Center