Ohlone College

Room 1216

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

February 2, 2004

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Danielson, James Griffin, Dan Chang, Jim Laub, Louis Willett, Jason Greenfield, Leo Hinkel, Ken Ballard



MEMBERS ABSENT: George Mathiesen, Christopher Gray, Emily Sawyer



PRESENT: Dr. Treadway, Deanna Walston, Simon Barros


OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:35 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance was led by Pat.



from the Audience None




1.                Approval of minutes from the Nov. 3 and Dec. 16, 2003 Meetings.

Dec. 16th minutes will be amended to reflect that Emily Sawyer objected to the re-allocation of $5 Million from the Newark site to the Fremont campus. Minutes approved.


2.                Approval of the Agenda



3.                Discussion of possible alternative meeting places

The committee agreed that it would be best to keep meeting at Ohlone.


4.                Report on Board approved Newark Center Revised Master Plan

Don Eichelberger reviewed the plan approved by the Board and provided a handout of the agenda item with recommended budget revisions. He added that he is meeting with the City of Newark Engineering to further discuss roads, access, etc. He also confirmed that a traffic signal will be installed at the main entrance.



5.                Review of Newark Center Revised Budget

Committee members asked about determining certain budget items, such as supplies, and the manner in which estimates are planned. Don explained that builder’s risk insurance had to be taken into consideration along with other construction insurance coverages. There was also a discussion of the costs involved with the clean up of the hazardous material at the Newark site. Don stated that the replacement of the top soil would be a major cost. Other items discussed were project contingencies and application for a Brownfields grant. Any changes to unallocated budget amounts must be approved by the Board of Trustees.


6.                Review of Newark Center Project Schedule

Don presented a draft schedule and stated that, with the Board’s approval of the revised plan, setting a schedule and beginning processes will move forward. The committee discussed permits that need to be approved and the possibility of the actual starting time for construction.


7.                Review of Summary Reporting for Newark Project

Don Eichelberger presented a graph of summary budget estimates and actuals. He also noted that the amount of $100 Million was shown, since that was the amount originally designated for the Newark site. The committee discussed issuance of the next series which will probably occur by the end of the year.


8.                Update on Fremont Campus Master Planning

The committee was informed that planning for this project is going on at various levels on campus, and ideas will eventually be integrated, as with the Newark site. They also learned that a Facilities Task Force, with the help of consultants, is reviewing space usage. Don noted that the Oversight Committee will be invited to attend an upcoming workshop for the Fremont campus.


9.                Review and Approval of Committee Quarterly Report

The Committee received and reviewed a draft quarterly report. Pat questioned the frequency of providing these reports. She suggested reporting every four months. She also recommended that committee members rotate on presentation of the report to the Board of Trustees, particularly for an opportunity to communicate with Board members.


10.            Review of Committee Members’ Term of Representation

Approval of and/or confirmation of the committee’s continued representation was discussed. The handling of resignations will be the Board of Trustees’ decision. Jim Griffin announced that he will not continue on the committee. Pat will contact members who were not present at the meeting to determine whether there are any other resignations.



11.            Suggestions for next meeting

Performance Audit

Financial information

Election of Officers

Role of the Committee