Ohlone College

Room 1216

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Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

April 5, 2004

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Danielson, Dan Chang, Jim Laub, Jason Greenfield, Leo Hinkel, Ken Ballard

George Mathiesen, Frank Haas


MEMBERS ABSENT: Christopher Gray, Kathy Vennemeyer



PRESENT: Dr. Treadway, Deanna Walston, Simon Barros, Patrice Birkedahl, Joanne Schultz


OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:40 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance was led by Pat.



from the Audience None


Communications from Dan suggested that meetings be announced in the Community Calendar section

Committee Members of the Argus Newspaper. He also suggested that if a replacement was planned for Louis Willett’s vacant position, the vacancy should be filled by a minority representative.




1.                Approval of minutes from the February 2, 2002, Meeting.

Minutes approved as presented.


2.                Approval of the Agenda



3.                Introduction of New Bond Oversight Committee Members

Frank Haas was introduced to the Committee. He presented background information about himself.


4.                Election of Officers

By unanimous vote, the current officers were re-elected. Chair– Pat Danielson, Vice Chair – Ken Ballard, and Secretary – George Mathiesen




5.                Presentation of the Performance Audit – Measure A, Year ended 6/30/03

Vanessa and Lana, from Gilbert Accountancy, presented audit information. They discussed the period of time covered by this audit, and the types of activities that have occurred thus far. They also advised the committee on selection of random items, as well as obvious high-dollar expenditures, chosen to be tested in the audit. Committee members questioned the number of items selected for verification. Vanessa noted that the number of items selected (25) represented approximately 19% of total dollars spent. Deanna reminded the members that there will be little or no construction during this audit year, and therefore, expenditures should not be significant in total dollars spent. Dan asked for the Committee to receive the full financial audit, which has been provided to the Board of Trustees. It was generally agreed that 40 items will be selected for testing in the future. It was also determined that Gilbert Accountancy will meet with this Committee before the auditing of amounts larger than current (i.e., actual construction).


6.                Review of Bond Financial Quarterly Report

Don Eichelberger presented a handout of OCNC Overview Data and a global schedule for the Newark Center project. The Committee discussed the soil cleanup required and ways to limit expenditures required. Don also mentioned the rise in the price of steel and the impact this might have on construction.


7.                Report on Newark User Group Meetings

Handouts of notes from the meetings were reviewed. Deanna discussed the partnerships with Washington Hospital and Kidango. She noted that funding for the partners will not be provided by the Bond, but rather by the partners themselves. It was also noted that Kidango’s facility may well be a stand-alone building recessed from the main campus. For future meetings of the Newark User Group meetings, Frank agreed to be the backup for Dan, in the event that Dan could not attend.


8.                Update on Fremont Master Plan

Dr. Treadway and Don Eichelberger presented current information on planning for the Fremont campus. Dr. Treadway emphasized the issues of right-sizing, a user-friendly environment, and accessibility. The Main Street concept was discussed, with emphasis on the bookstore and library access. There was also discussion of creating parking decks, solar energy, and partnering with four-year college(s). The Committee expressed interest in the revised plan and the landscaping plan described. It was noted that much more planning is needed.


9.                Consideration of Producing an Oversight Committee Newsletter

Patrice presented a draft pamphlet, with pictures of selected project areas and general information about progress of bond projects. Committee members offered a desire to add information regarding the purpose of the Committee, information regarding the media-enabled classroom project, and a drawing of the NCOC site plan. Patrice will get a cost estimate on printing, and the members discussed distribution of the news pamphlet. Committee members were to provide any additional ideas to Pat Danielson by next week.


10.            Next meeting – June 7, 2004

Board Workshop – April 21, 2004 (Newark Schematic)

Board Approval – April 28, 2004 (Newark Schematic)

Board Workshop – April 28, 2004 (Fremont Master Plan)

Official Oversight Committee Report – every 6 months


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.