Room 5209

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

April 4, 2005

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Danielson, Dan Chang, Jim Laub, Ken Ballard, George Mathiesen,

Kathy Vennemeyer


MEMBERS ABSENT: Christopher Gray



PRESENT: Dr. Treadway, Deanna Walston, Simon Barros

OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:45 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance was directed to a miniature American flag in the plant.


from the Audience None


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Committee Members




1.                                                               Approval of minutes from the February 7, 2005 Meeting

Minutes approved as presented.


2.                                                               Approval of the Agenda


3.                                                               Update on the NewarkCenter Project – Scope and Budget

The Committee reviewed the value engineering accepted recommendations and the proposed budget adjustments provided by Don Eichelberger. They discussed the elimination of the bridge and the cost of $457,000 involved, as well as other recommended changes/deletions. AC Transit has apparently not decided on what services will be provided to the NewarkCenter, and Don has discussed project plans with Union Sanitary, Water Regulation agencies, and other public utilities. Dan asked about the variance in total square footage in the current report as compared with previous project reports. Don will check the footage. There was also a discussion of “clean” power and making provisions for lap tops to recharge. Don addressed the budget adjustments and explained the changes in site development costs and land purchase cost. Dr. Treadway noted that it would be in the best interests of the District to solicit bids as soon as possible to avoid further cost hikes. He also reminded the committee that the committed funds for the Newark project are firm. Further cost needs will require seeking grants, donations and/or other fund raising.

The committee was informed that ground breaking at the new center will occur on May 24, 2005.


4.                                                               Update on the StudentSupportServicesCenter Project

Simon Barros displayed a plan for the new center, indicating that the current plan indicates 42,000 Gross square feet, with 35,000 net square feet. The new building will be located at approximately the level of the pond on the upper campus. Groundbreaking will most likely occur in the fall of 2006. Other planning, such as effects of the new building in terms of current space use are being considered.


5.                                                               Other Bond Projects

Simon discussed bond projects that are currently in process. He stated that 32 infrared cameras are being installed in crucial areas of the campus. He offered to provide more information at the committee’s next meeting.

He also informed the committee that a water intrusion study is in process, and next steps will involve painting the buildings. Redwood stairs (from the original campus) will be replaced with concrete stairs, and replacement of doors, installation of ADA approved doors, and hand rails will be installed.

6.                                                               Update on Member Selection and Discussion of Policies

Deanna and Dr. Treadway discussed the timing of a one-step replacement for committee members whose terms are expiring in the spring of 2006. There was discussion regarding filling the taxpayer association vacancy, with Pat pointing out that this will likely be the most difficult vacancy to fill. Ways to advise the public of the vacancies was discussed, and members will provide suggestions to Deanna and Donna. It was also decided that the application provided to prospective committee members should be revised to include information about the number of meetings, responsibilities of the committee members, and further bond information. It was also determined that the Board of Trustees should determine such policies as frequent absences, vacancies, etc.


7.                                                               Feedback from Board of Trustee meeting

Pat reported to the committee that she had attended the Board of Trustees meeting to present the Oversight Committee’s report, and the Board was enthusiastic about the committee’s report and activities.


8.                                                               Items for next Oversight Committee Meeting (June)

Draft of Committee Member Application

Results of bidding

Camera Update

StudentSupportServicesBuilding Update



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 P.M.