Ohlone College

Child Development Center (CDC)

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA



Minutes of Citizens Oversight Committee

June 6, 2005 UNADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Danielson, Ken Ballard, Jim Laub, Leo Hinkel, George Mathiesen, Kathy Vennemeyer, Chris Gray


MEMBERS ABSENT: Dan Chang, Shawna Luce



PRESENT: Dr. Doug Treadway, President/Superintendent

Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/
Deputy Superintendent

Simon Barros, Director of Facilities
Don Eichelberger, Bond Program Planning Mgr.

Paula Bray, Assistant Director, Facilities


OPEN MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Pat Danielson at 6:35 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance followed.



from the Audience None (no audience present)



from the Committee Chris Gray asked if the Child Development Center is the new location of the Bond Oversight meetings. Deanna Walston indicated that the CDC may not be available when classes are in session. Request made to reference location of each meeting in the meeting e-mail, in addition to on the agenda.

Dr. Treadway asked if the Committee would consider holding regular meetings on Wednesday evenings, the week before or after the Board of Trustees meetings. Discussion followed regarding potential conflicts and coordination with new Committee members who will take office in 2006. Decision made to keep October meeting as scheduled (Monday, October 3), and then consider a date change at a later time.




  1. Approval of Minutes from April 4, 2005 Meeting

·       Pages 2 and 3 of the minutes should have the page heading date changed to April 4, 2005.

·       Simon Barros pointed out that the “net square feet” referenced on Page 2 (Item 4) should read “25,000 assignable square feet” instead of 35,000 net square feet.

·       April 4, 2005 meeting minutes approved, as amended.


2.      Approval of June 6, 2005 Meeting Agenda

Deanna Walston requested that Paula Bray be allowed to provide a demonstration of the new security camera system to the Bond Oversight Committee.

Agenda approved.


3.      Presentation of Security Camera Software (Paula Bray)
Paula Bray provided a presentation of Ohlone’s new security camera system software. She stated that 34 cameras have been purchased.

Camera placements focus on parking lots, with other areas also targeted. North and South campus entrance cameras have infrared capability, for night vision. She also noted that there will be security cameras at the new Newark campus.


4.      Update on StudentServicesBuilding (Site, Configuration, and Schedule)

·       Approved Boardwork reviewed (“Approval of the Site and Building Configuration for The Student Support Services Building”).

·       Simon Barros discussed the options considered for the location of this new building and factors contributing to final placement decision:

-          New building will be located at the current site of Bldg. 7 (which will be demolished due to age, poor acoustics, and long, narrow, undesirable classrooms)

-          Natural light considerations

-          Access "on grade" at every level

-          Gateway to Main Street

-          Description of floorplans provided


5.      Reallocation of Bond Funds Related to the Fremont Campus


The committee reviewed the Board-approved write-up reviewed (“Authorization to Modify Measure A Bond Budgets”. Don Eichelberger reviewed the five-year construction plan allocation analysis to tie strategies with funding sources. He noted that $28M for Student Services Building would allow $18 remaining for "future projects". The need to look towards frontage property lease income for some future projects was mentioned, taking into consideration increases in construction costs (steel, concrete, labor, etc.)


6.      Review of Groundbreaking Ceremony and Evening Event


The committee was informed that turnout was very impressive, with standing room only at groundbreaking and that Andy Galvan’s comments and ceremony were a perfect compliment to the groundbreaking event. It was also mentioned that the new Foundation Director did an excellent job with Gala. Pat Danielson will pass along compliments at Foundation Board meeting later this week.


7.      Update on Newark Project


·       The preliminary site package was “put on the street” for bid; awarded May 11. Digging begin on Monday, if final approvals are received by Friday (6/10). The Building package was submitted to DSA 3-4 weeks ago. Initial comments are expected in about 4 months, hopefully minor, so we can go out for bid. Bids will be awarded in the fall, with building through 2006.




8.      Series B Bond Issuance Information


·       Series A Bond = June of 2002

·       Projecting that we will deplete Series A funds in early Fall. Wednesday's board agenda includes request for authorization of release of Series B ($110 million). Underwriter has suggested that we do one final authorization. If approved, we will prepare financial information in July, and receive proceeds in late August/early September.

·       One final authorization, if Board approves this Wednesday.


9.      Review Procedures for New Bond Committee Member Selection(s) and Transition Planning


·       Pat Danielson detailed progress of subcommittee formed to review procedures for new Bond Committee member selection(s).

·       Organized May 11 meeting to develop guidelines for transition. Members’ terms will be up in April, 2006. Defining guidelines and requirements to improve process.

·       Bill McMillin will present this proposal to Board of Trustees on Wednesday (6/8).

·       Review of proposal for guidelines/selection of new Oversight Committee members. Stagger appointments to allow for continuity as well as "new blood".

·       Recommending quarterly meetings.

·       Application form being developed (Treadway)

·       Review of ballot measure and how members were defined; continue to follow criteria. Four required categories must be maintained.

·       Commitment to attendance of meetings. Suggestion made that if member misses a certain number of meetings in a certain period of time, "you're off".

10.  Next Meeting Agenda Items (Monday, October 3, 2005 @ 6:30 p.m.)


·       Final decision from the Board re: transition to new membership

·       Gray: Requesting update on solar funding

·       Update regarding Student Services building

·       Update regarding Newark project


ADJOURNED: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.