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Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

September 11, 2006

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Yao-Li Yuan, Jack Rogers, Steven Chan, Allen Cuenca, Andy MacRae, Bhaskar Chaudhari, , Theodore Bresler, Kathy Vennemeyer, Lon Doty, Frank Pirrone, Karen Bridges


MEMBERS ABSENT: Dennis Wolfe, Jeevan Zutshi, Chinmoy Roy, Shirley Buschke, Ashok Bhatt





PRESENT: Dr. Doug Treadway, President/Superintendent

Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Simon Barros, Bond Manager Don Eichelberger, Arti Damani, Donna Ordahl


MEETING: The scheduled tour of the project site was conducted by staff at 5:40 p.m.



from the Audience None




1.                                                                 Minutes of the June 19, 2006 meeting were discussed and it was suggested that a “Guest” category be added to the list of those present. The minutes were approved.


2.                                                                 Approval of the Agenda

Approved. Chair Jack Rogers announced that Steve Chan would serve as time keeper for scheduled items. Members discussed the lead time required to submit items for addition to an oversight committee meeting, and it was determined that two weeks in advance would be the minimum amount of time.


3.                                                                 Tour debriefing

The committee discussed the current construction time line, and Dr. Treadway explained the time for completion.


4.                                                                 Review of 4th Quarter Report/Management Summary

Don Eichelberger presented an overview of the three major project areas as 1) the Newark Project; 2) the StudentSupportServicesBuilding; and 3) Other bond projects. He informed the committee that the Board of Trustees had increased the Student Services budget at their August 9th meeting. He also noted that the group 3 projects and technology infrastructure budgets had been reduced. Deanna Walston discussed the technology infrastructure systems and explained the report prepared by Arti Damani. Doug Treadway added that he and Dave Smith are working on grants and other sources of funding to augment bond funds for projects, such as a PG&E self generation project and a solar panel grant. Don summed up the budget process by stating that budgets may change, but the total always comes out at $150 Million. Dr. Treadway also noted that it might be necessary to begin with old furnishings (from present Fremont campus) until enough donors, etc. can be found.


5.                                                                 StudentSupportServicesBuilding Project

Simon Barros presented boards showing plans for the project. He discussed the need to remove the asbestos from Building 7, which will be demolished to make room for this building. He also reported on estimated dates for various aspects of the project; i.e., begin in April and expect to complete by Fall 2008. A suggestion was made to add Group 3 project numbers on the update report.


6.                                                                 District wide Global Schedule

Don Eichelberger presented a general description of scheduling for upcoming project.


7.                                                                 Committee Rules and Regulations

The committee provided ideas and suggestions for general rules of the committee. It was agreed that a proxy will not be allowed, but a representative may be indicated as a “guest.” They also agreed to a contact list containing e-mail, telephone and affiliation information. In dealing with the media, the committee agreed that an individual on the committee should not speak for the entire group, but can comment on the basis of being a community member. Information from the Committee as a group will be provided by the chair and/or president. It was also decided that “rules and regulations” should be on the agenda for every meeting and absenteeism will not be a consideration at this time. Finally, it was also determined that a final item on the agenda for every meeting should be an evaluation of the current meeting.


8.                                                                 Topics for future meeting

Project Updates

Review of First Quarter Report

Annual Report


The meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.


Future meetings: December 18, 2006,March 19, 2007, June 18, 2007