Ohlone College

Building 18


Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee

March 19, 2007

Page 1 of 2 Pages APPROVED 6/18/07


MEMBERS PRESENT: Jack Rogers, Steven Chan, Andy MacRae, Bhaskar Chaudhari, , Theodore Bresler, Kathy Vennemeyer, Frank Pirrone, Dennis Wolfe, Shirley Buschke, Chinmoy Roy,

Jeevan Zutshi, Lon Doty, Karen Bridges, Ken Steadman








PRESENT: Deanna Walston, Vice President, Business Services/Deputy Superintendent

Simon Barros, Bond Manager Don Eichelberger, Arti Damani, Donna Ordahl, Joanne Schultz


MEETING: The Meeting began at 6:35 P.M.



from the Audience None




1.                                                                 Minutes of the December 18, 2006 meeting were discussed and approved. Jack’s upcoming 60th birthday was noted.


2.                                                                 Approval of the Agenda

The items 3 and 4 were moved to accommodate Joanne Schultz’ later arrival. Agenda approved.


3.                                                                 (Item 5) Award of Bid and Budget Review – Student Support Services Bldg

Vice President Deanna Walston provided information on the asbestos abatement of building 7 in preparation for demolition of the building after graduation. It was also noted that Amoroso has been awarded the construction bid for the new building and the expected completion date of this building is expected in February of 2009. Don Eichelberger and Deanna discussed the increase in the budget of this project.


4.                                                                 Review of the District’s Audit and Bond Performance Audit

Joanne summarized pertinent information from the audit report and pointed out the total list on page 18. She noted that most of the analysis was bond related. Joanne was asked about the performance of Gilbert & Associates, and she pointed out that Gilbert’s performance was very satisfactory but, in the interest of best business practices, the District had established that it is time for a new audit firm. Two other areas reviewed and discussed were page 34 audit of the audit (capital assets and depreciation) and page 36 (bond information). There was also a review and discussion of the necessary reserves and the rainy day reserve. The committee was informed that grants and other money raising opportunities are expected to aid in the acquisition of group II equipment.


5. Review of the Second Quarter Financial Report

Deanna announced to the committee that the State has granted the District Certer foundation funding for alternative sites while the Newark project is in process. Joanne reviewed the general fund (10), contingencies, and one-time funding. She also noted that bond funds have earned interest totaling approximately $8 million. Don presented the bond report (Report 17).

6. Presentation of Bond Project Updates

Simon Barros presented pictures of the projects as they are progressing. The committee also received update binders with current information on all projects connected with the bond.


7.                                                                  Committee Rules and Regulations

No additions.


Evaluation of Current Meeting


8.                                                                  Topics for the next meeting

Format for annual report (recommendations)

Bids for the Student Support Services Building

Bond List (Don Eichelberger)


Third Quarter Bond and Financial Report

Dave Smith – funding update


The Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.