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Minutes of Citizens’ Oversight Committee                                                                           

June 18, 2007

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MEMBERS PRESENT:      Steven Chan, Andrew MacRae,  Bhaskar Chaudhari, Theodore Bresler, Dennis Wolfe, Jeevan Zutshi, Ken Steadman, Karen Bridges (arrived at 7:00 pm), Frank Pirrone (arrived at 7:10 pm),


MEMBERS ABSENT:         Jack Rogers, Ashok Bhatt, Kathy Vennemeyer, Shirley Buschke, Chinmoy Roy, Lon Doty



GUESTS:                               None




PRESENT:                            Doug Treadway, President/Superintendent

                                                Michael Calegari, Vice President, Administrative Services

                                                Simon Barros, Director of Facilities

                                                Don Eichelberger, Bond Manager

                                                Arti Damani, Bond Accountant

                                                Joanne Schultz, Dean of Business Services

                                                Diana Garza, Capital Projects Coordinator

                                                Patrice Birkedahl, Director of College Advancement

                                                Dave Smith, Director of the Ohlone College Foundation



MEETING:                            The Meeting began at 6:40 P.M.









1.                                                                 Fremont Campus Walk

Committee Members, Steven Chan, Jeevan Zutshi, Ken Steadman, Bhaskar Chaudhari, Theodore Bresler and Andrew MacRae participated in the Fremont Campus Walk held by Simon Barros. The Committee Members who took the Fremont Campus Walk all acknowledged witness to the progress of various projects.



3.                                   Approval of Minutes

                                   The Minutes of the March 19, 2007 meeting were approved.


4.                              Approval of the Agenda

Agenda items 8 and 9 were moved prior to agenda item 5. Agenda approved. 


8.                                                                 Review of the Third Quarter Financial and Bond Report

                                   Joanne Schultz presented an overview of the District’s 3rd Quarter Report for 2006-07.


2.                                                                 Introduction of Mike Calegari, Vice President

Mike Calegari was introduced to the Committee Members.



3.                                                                 Discussion of Annual Report (Committee) and Brochure

                                    Patrice Birkedahl proposed that the Bond Oversight Committee include their annual report with the District’s annual report brochure which would save approximately $1,000 in design and printing expenses. Committee Members Andrew MacRae and Dennis Wolfe volunteered to participate in the subcommittee in charge of working directly with Ms. Birkedahl who requires the Committee report be completed by the 2nd week of July.  Ms. Birkedahl would then present the information for Chairman, Jack Rogers and Vice Chair, Steven Chan.


                                    Annual Report to the Board of Trustees

                                    Mike Calegari, Vice President of Administrative Services, reported that the Bond Oversight Committee is due to report on activities to the Board of Trustees for calendar year 2006.  Mr. Calegari proposed that the same reporting format be used in prior years and suggested that the Committee approve the draft of the report at the Bond Oversight Committee meeting scheduled for September 17, 2007. Once approved, the Committee can then present their report to the Board of Trustees on September 26, 2007.




5.                                                                 Committee Members Attendance Report

                                   After a review of the attendance report, the Committee decided to recommend to the Board of Trustees that a membership to the Bond Oversight Committee should be terminated should a Committee Member be absent for a total of three (3) consecutive Bond Oversight Committee Meetings.



6.                                 Update on the Newark Bond Project

Don Eichelberger presented pictures of the Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology.




7.                                 Update on the Student Support Services Bldg. Project (and Bldg. 7)

Simon Barros presented pictures of the asbestos abatement and demolition of Building 7.



10.                               Update on Fund Raising Related to the Newark Project

Dave Smith presented an update on the fundraising currently underway for the Newark Center. Mr. Smith stated the lead donor is the Wayne & Gladys Valley Foundation matching grant of $2.5 million.



11.                               Update on Frontage Development

Dr. Treadway presented an update on the frontage development and stated that a lease proposal will be available in July 2007. At which time there is a 90 day period for developers to submit proposals.


12.                           Committee Rules and Regulations



13.                           Evaluation of Current Meeting



14.                                                              Topics for the Next Meeting

                                    Tour of the Ohlone College Newark Center

                                    Approval of the Annual Report to the Board of Trustees

                                    Brochure presented to Committee Members

                                    4th Quarter Bond and Financial Report



The Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M.